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MTB Live Ammo Case Project MTB Live Ammo Case Project - 02/04/07 new!

The path to case modification is often paved with different roads offering computer enthusiasts opportunities to build their own on personal dream machine. The simplest form of case modification involves the route of the pre-mod or pre-modified case which uses a cookie cutter style solution. With half the work completed for you all that is required is to add your own hardware and you're pretty much good to go. While this addresses the needs of those individuals who lack the skill or resources, this takes away from the real essence of case modification.

TFL Winter Fragfest 2006 Report TFL Winter Fragfest 2006 Report - 01/07/07

With 2006 coming to a close and Christmas just 2 weeks away, what a better way to celebrate the end of busy year by hosting a giant LAN party. After an extended 6 month absence, the TFL aka Toronto Fun League hosted a 2 day event at the CNIB Centre on December 16th-17th, 2006. Like previous TFL events, the theme presented this year was BYOC with the inclusion of professional gaming tournaments ranging from the ever-popular Counter Strike, Counter Strike Source, Warcraft III, Starcraft and 1v1 Unreal.

Matt Fielder's Predatron Project Matt Fielder's Predatron Project - 08/08/06

Well technically the Predatron Project is my first modding project ever. I have been working on it for a year and a half now and it has undergone many changes as I became more experienced in modding. As I became more experienced my ideas and thoughts began to go outside of the box, literally. I found myself unafraid of making cuts or getting in contact with people who could help me get the job done. The case is dedicated to my Grandfather who I lost in May of 2006. After I lost him I vowed to build something incredible in his name. That is what started me off in the finishing of this project to the highest degree.

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