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Friday, April 30, 2004
Thermalright SLK-948U Review @ Viper Lair
"As we've seen here today, the SLK-948U's performance is quite good. Being a universal heatsink, you can easily move it from platform to platform should you need to. Depending if you're interested in setting up a low-noise system, or a loud, overclocked one, you're well covered with the number of fan options allowed."

More information on review can be found here.
Vantec 8 in 1 Card Reader & USB 2.0 Hub Video Review @ 3DGameman
"USB 2 hubs & card readers/writers are very handy; combining the two results in one very useful product. It accepts many different types of media: Compact Flash I/II, Multimedia Cards, Secure Digital, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, MicroDrive, & SmartMedia memory cards. It also has a 3 port USB hub, & it's all wrapped up in one very sleek package."

More information on video review can be found here.
Gigabyte GA-8TRS300M Motherboard Review @ Hardwarezoom
"Upon closer inspection, there is a system fan connector near the BIOS battery. The ATI IXP 200 is actually the south bridge, there is no heatsink on this chip so it gets pretty hot during operations. The two yellow connectors will gives you 4 USB 2.0 ports, however you will need to purchase the bracket separately. The chip with a silver colour label is the BIOS, and as you can see, this board does not feature Dual BIOS."

More information on review can be found here.
I-Star TC-400R8 400 Watt Redundant Power Supply Review @ BJorn3D
"Power supplies are an often overlooked yet extremely critical component of every PC. A solid and reliable PSU is an absolute must for a stable system. For a system that requires no down-time, then a redundant PSU is the answer. Check out this review of one of I-Star's 'mini redundant PSUs' as they fit in regular ATX cases."

More information on review can be found here.
Enermax EG325AX-VE 320W PSU Review @ BigBruin
"The Enermax EG325AX-VE Noisetaker is very stable, especially when compared to the Raidmax test unit and its 100W edge in published power output. Even under a load it stays stable, with only a slight variation in the 5V rail. With zero fluctuation measured on the 12V rail, I would say Enermax's separate 12V rails for drives and the cpu/motherboard proved to be a worthy innovation."

More information on review can be found here.
External Disk Round-Up @ Hexus
"There's something for everyone in the four disks on test, I'm just more tempted to add other disk to an ATX chassis, rather than hang it externally. Like everything, you'll know instantly if external disk storage is for you. I guess the whole point is that it's doable without breaking the bank these days. As for a winner? For me, it's the Freecom for the reasons I outlined above. It was geniunely useful, I loved it, despite the snail's pace. I think I might even pick one up, USB bus power is godlike."

More information on review can be found here.
ASUS's SK8V vs SK8N Motherboard Review @ AMDReview
"Between these two motherboards, the logical choice to purchase would be the SK8V because of the inclusion of newer features like Gigabit Ethernet, extra SATA headers, and is a newer motherboard. On top of that, earlier revisions of the SK8N can not post with an A64 FX chip, until one places an Opteron and then flashes the BIOS. Also given the fact that the SK8V costs only an extra 6 dollars!"

More information on review can be found here.
nVidia GForce 6800 Ultra 6 Series Part 2 @ The Modfathers
"If you are into graphic intensive games like Galaxies then you will love the game play that you can achieve. You really can become absorbed in the game. As a gamers card the 6800Ultra really rocks, as an allrounder, it's just as good."

More information on review can be found here.
ATI Radeon 9800 XT 256MB Video Card Review @ Designtechnica
"The ATI Radeon 9800XT brings speed and stability to older favorites as well as the newest gaming titles. At a current price of $400 or more, the card might be too expensive for most users to consider, but as is often the case with computer hardware, today’s king of the hill is in tomorrow’s bargain bin. This may very well be what we see with the 9800XT in the next few weeks. The price for the 9800XT certainly will be reduced in the coming weeks with the release of a new generation of graphics cards, although how much we can’t be sure."

More information on review can be found here.
Chenming ATX-602 Mid-Tower Case Review @ GruntvillE
"The case I am reviewing today is the all new, Chenming 602. The 602 is the successor to the well-known Chieftec Dragon (Chenming 601AE). Many of the most popular server cases used by modders today have been inspired or made by Chenming."

More information on review can be found here.
NZXT Guardian Case Review @ FastLaneHW
"Today I take a look at the NZXT gaming case. Some people prefer just to take a generic case and dremel it to death and make it into a beautiful design, others without the time and money just buy pre-modded cases which is totally fine. I know I don’t have the time, patience, or skill to make anything look good on the case, so I turn to the pre-modded cases for some real beauty. I’ll admit, when I first saw the pictures of this case I thought it was funny looking. Then I saw the case first hand and it really is a nice case. It’s aimed at the gaming enthusiast and it has a unique look to it."

More information on review can be found here.
Thursday, April 29, 2004
Thermaltake Tower112 Pure Copper 4 in 1 Heat Pipe Cooler Review @ TheCrucible
"Seems like heat pipe is the buzz word of the cooling companies lately. If you look around nearly every major heatsink company has utilized this technology. So what is a heat pipe and why is everyone jumping on the bandwagon? What could 40 year old technology offer to combat today's hot processors?"

More information on review can be found here.
GlacialTech Igloo Heatsink and Fan Roundup @ The Modfathers
"As you can see, the copper version, the 2520 Pro, is the same as the rest, though including a copper base. The rest is just a fairly unconvincing bit of anodizing aluminum."

More information on review can be found here.
Thermaltake Polo 735 AMD & Intel Universal Heatsink Review @ A1-Electronics
"The cooling performance of this Thermaltake Polo 735 is very good especially as the heat increases compared to similar heatsinks shown here for comparison. And of course the Thermaltake Polo 735 heatsink has different ways you can control the fan, either using the temperature sensor to regulate fan speed, use one of the two speed controllers or set the fan to run at full speed all the time."

More information on review can be found here.
Cooler Master Hyper 6 P4/K8 Heatsink Review @ System Cooling
"It's been over two years since Cooler Master introduced their first heat pipe cooler, the HHC-001. In that time, manufacturers have gotten considerably more adept at implementing this technology, and the result is that there are now many effective heat pipe heatsinks on the market. Now, Cooler Master has introduced a new heat pipe cooler to the masses. The KHC-V81, or Hyper 6, as it is known, is an all-new design using a tower-type configuration that is becoming the new phenomenon in heatsink design. Today we're putting the Hyper 6 through its paces, and we'll tell you if it's worth your hard-earned cooling bucks."

More information on review can be found here.
Enermax Ultimate Controller (UC-A8FATR4) Review @ Hardware Pacers
"The Enermax Ultimate Controller makes it capable for a user to control up to four fans simultaneously. It is the perfect noise solution for a hardcore system. When video games are played, all a user has to do is turn four knobs and the fans will spin at full speed. It also has features such as beeping when the fan speed goes below 1000 RPM or 2000 RPM, depending on the configuration, and an LCD display that shows the temperature for a maximum of four zones."

More information on review can be found here.
Vantec NexStar 2.5" HDD External Enclosure Video Review @ 3DGameman
"The Vantec NexStar is designed to fit the very small 2.5" notebook Hard Drive which means it's a very portable storage device. Installation of a Hard Drive in this unit is very quick and easy. It's USB 2 compatible which results in fast transfer of data. It even comes with a padded carry pouch for added security when transporting."

More information on video review can be found here.
Evercool's Fan Speed Control Panel Review @ Tech-Dreams
"When it comes to cooling, one fan just doesn't seem to be enough at times. The processor is a workhorse, but when it gets too hot, its efficiency drops way down (or drops completely). To supplement cooling the processor, people and manufacturers install case fans, which help bring in cooler air and expel the hotter air. This movement of air not only benefits the processor, but also other components in the case."

More information on review can be found here.
Thermaltake Hardcano 12 Fan Controller Review @ ExtensionTech
"The Hardcano 12 has a combination of fan controllers and temperature sensors, along with a backlit LCD screen and programming that automatically controls your fans from four different sensors throughout your case. Will this combination of technology mesh together to form the 'perfect' fan controller, or will the Hardcano 12 be remembered as just 'another overpriced gadget'? Read on to find out."

More information on review can be found here.
OCZ Enhanced Bandwidth 1GB PC3200 Dual Channel Kit Review @ BJorn3D
"With its Enhanced Bandwidth technology, OCZ Technology is looking to take memory module performance to its limits without needing the lowest possible CAS latency. In this review, we take a look at OCZ's Enhanced Bandwidth 1 GB PC3200 Dual Channel Kit, and it does not disappoint!"

More information on review can be found here.
PMI 1GIG DDR400 Platinum Turbo Memory Kit Review @ Tweaknews
"PMI's PC3200 Platinum Turbo Memory can be summed up rather simply. If you are in the market for cost effective high quality PC3200 memory complete with copper heatspreaders, lifetime warranty and good overclocking potential, PMI's DDR400 would definitely be a smart buy. Throughout my three day barrage complete with gaming, benchmarking, overclocking and stress testing, never did I notice one problem."

More information on review can be found here.
Albatron GeForce FX5700P Turbo Video Card Review @ 3DXtreme
"I think the numbers pretty much speak for themselves. I received this video card not really expecting stellar performance and I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw. Albatron has come through with a strong performing video card based on an older GPU. This card is targeted more at the budget minded consumer and at ~$100-$120 this card certainly is an attractive deal. With it's counterparts still sitting in the $150-$200 price range this is a definite winner for the low end solution."

More information on review can be found here.
Nvidia Driver Cheats - Truth or Fiction? @ Hardware Analysis
"I’m sure you’ve read reports around the web about Nvidia allegedly cheATing with their yet to be released 60.72 build drivers. These drivers were sent out to journalists evaluating the new GeForce 6800 Ultra and the NV4x architecture. Just two short weeks after the first reviews were posted one website published a lengthy article discussing image quality and how some frames rendered by the new GeForce showed differences from the same frames rendered on ATi hardware. So is this the proverbial smoking gun we’re looking at, is Nvidia indeed making shortcuts to boost the performance of their new architecture or is something else going on here?"

More information on article can be found here.
Gainward Ultra/1100XT Review @ Legit Reviews
"With the release of the GF 6 Series, NVidia's previous graphics cards will eventually lower in price which will make the 5900XT that much more affordable. However, the GF 6 cards will have to be readily available before a price drop will happen. I will also point out that the Gainward 1100XT was found to be a little higher in price when compared to other 5900XT solutions, which is probably due to the higher default clock speeds of this card. All in all, I would say that the future of the Gainward Ultra/1100XT TV-DVI "Golden Sample" is very bright for the mid-ranged enthusiast."

More information on review can be found here.
Chaintech GeForce FX5500 256MB Review @ IPKonfig
"Video cards seem to be rising in price, averaging around $500 USD for top of the line graphics cards. This can definitely hit the wallet or purse hard, and leave you wondering what you just purchased. The fact is, those high price video cards have a lot of value built in with all their features, but is $500 really justified? Chaintech's latest FX5500 video card tries to give the consumer a few more of those added features. You won't find bundled software, like games, or a tweaked-out graphics card. Instead, you'll get its Summit line graphics card without bundled extras. You will, however, find 256MB of DDR memory, something not commonly found on such cards."

More information on review can be found here.
In-Win X710 Server Case Review @ WorldOC
"Well today we are lucky to be the first UK hardware website to review the In-Win X710 case. Described as a server chassis and standing tall at just over half a meter, this case is quite a site and not to be messed with. But how will an OEM manufacture case stand up against such brands as Beantech, Lian Li and Thermaltake where modding is the aim of the game. Well that's what were here to find out and that's what were about to answer."

More information on review can be found here.
MSI Mega 865 Review @ Legion Hardware
"The front liquid crystal display certainly is something unique, however I feel MSI could have better utilized its functions. Unfortunately, the display is almost pointless once the PC is running and there is no possible way to
communicate with it once in Windows. The display only appears to function when the computer is powered down. While it is good to see that the entire computer does not need to be functioning to use this feature, it would be nice if it worked all the time."

More information on review can be found here.
Wednesday, April 28, 2004
SilverStone Technology SST-ST40F(PFC) 400 Watt Power Supply Review @ TheCrucible
"Out of all the things inside your tricked out rig, you will rarely be asked what power supply you have. One of the most (if not the most) essential parts of your system has to be your power supply. Without enough juice to the goods, you'll undoubtedly have headaches with your system; whether it be stability, failure, noise, or even heat. The power supply has to be one of the most researched products in your box."

More information on this review can be found here.

Thrustmaster FireStorm Wireless Gamepad Review

"For as long as games have been around, there have been game controllers. In fact the first ever "console" game was a controller. You have all heard of Pong? Controllers have come a long way since the days of Pong. Now game pads shake and rumble, you have force feed back, digital controls and more buttons than a keyboard."

More information on this review can be found here.
Enermax EG485P-VHB SFMA Power Supply Review @ GruntvillE
"In the case of Coolergiant, they came up with the idea of implementing a self-contained blower fan inside the unit allowing it to pull air from inside the case and exhaust it out the back, without any bleed off or additional heat added to the PSU component area. The theory behind this is that if the PSU is sitting directly, or near by, the CPU heatsink and fan, the hot air can be carried via the blower out of the system, rather than it being pulled up into an already hot environment within the PSU and then pulled out."

More information on this review can be found here.
SilenX 400W Pro iXtrema PSU Review @ BigBruin
"When the top of the device is removed it reveals a tightly packed assortment of circuit boards, wires, and resistors - just as you could expect with any other power supply today. On closer inspection you might notice this device comes with a small thermal diode designed to read the ambient case temperatures and adjust the cooling fan accordingly. A nice touch for the computer user with a nearly silent computer in mind."

More information on this review can be found here.
Silverstone 6-in-1 Card Reader Review @ 1SweetPC
"Overall, it’s a pretty nice unit. It performs on par to the reference Hotreader as well as the Lian Li internal/external 6-in-1. If you want to have a 6-in-1 card reader either internally, externally, or both, this is definitely a great unit for you!"

More information on this review can be found here.
ioCombo Acrylic PC ATX 450W PSU Review @ Viper Lair
"350W PSUs are the bare minimum I would even consider these days, with 400W+ being more the recommended. There isn't such a thing as too much power though, and power users pushing their PCs even harder, I suspect 500-550W PSUs are going to be the norm as we move through 2004."

More information on this review can be found here.

Mouse Grips Review

"Adding "grip" to you mouse may seem to be a pretty stupid idea. Once I actually gave it a try though I must say I was surprised. The product did exactly what it was supposed to. The Neoprene added some comfort level to my mouse as well as some grip. One added benefit is that it is also a lot easier to tell where your hand is on your mouse."

More information on this review can be found here.
Bytecc ME-740 Aluminum External Enclosure Review @ 3DXtreme
"In this business there are some accessories that folks just need. This is one of them. The Bytecc ME-740 can support up to a 300 GB IDE Hard Drive. Imagine 300 GB of mobile storage for connecting to a PC, Laptop or customer's PC at any time. Techies doing home repair would love a toy like this."

More information on this review can be found here.
Venus DS3 External 3.5" Enclosure Review @ Extreme Overclocking
"These days, it's all about portability and taking important work/files with you on the go. There are a lot of portable storage options from CDs, DVDs, memory sticks, and compact flash cards but these still have limited storage compared to an actual hard drive. Also, sometimes you don't want to lug around a notebook computer, or a notebook might not have the functionality you need. This is where external hard drive enclosures come into play. With an external enclosure it becomes possible to take an internal 3.5" hard drive and use it on any computer with a USB connection."

More information on this review can be found here.
Postprocessing DVD's with FFDshow Guide @ HTPCNews
"Remember that old saying, Trix are for Kids? After reading our FFDShow Postprocessing guide, you'll realize that "Progressive Scan DVD players are for kids" when compared to the results you can achieve with a properly configured HTPC. Be sure to check out our latest guide detailing DVD Postprocessing and see the way DVD's were meant to be played. The results are simply stunning."

More information on this guide can be found here.
BTX Standard Latest Facts and Photos @ Planet 3D Now
"The upcoming BTX standard creates a lot of questions. Will I need new power-supplies? Will my fan-connectors still fit? Where are the advantages and disadvantages? That's why our case specialist from Taipei, Taiwan wrote a new article with latest infos, photos and diagrams about the BTX standard. The article is in German, so if you need a translator for German to English using Babelfish."

More information on this article can be found here.
Yeong Yang 5603 Mars Case Review @ PimpRig
"The Mars is based on the same chassis as the 5601 released late last year. While the 5601 had many unique features, such as louvered front intake, it is not a case that would appeal to most gamers. The 5603 is a step in the right direction if Yeong Yang wishes to appeal to the enthusiast crowd. There are still no bright lighted fans or a window option. But compared to the frumpy Volvo like boxiness of the 5601, the Mars' sleek scalloped lines and bright red bezel are near Ferarri like."

More information on this review can be found here.
Enermax CS-800TA Voltron Series Mid-Tower Case Review @ Extreme Overclocking
"The CS-800TA Voltron Series cases from Enermax break the traditional beige barrier with an assortment of 5 vibrant colors that give a great custom look without emptying the pocketbook. Enermax has even gone an extra step in providing two CD/DVD bay covers that match the color of the case. A couple other key features of the case are, semi tool-less design, a fan control dial on the side panel, front temperature LED display, front I/O ports, and mesh fan grills."

More information on this review can be found here.
MSI Case-Mod Competition 2004 Announced!
MSI Computer Corp. ("MSI") is calling for all PC modders to enter the first ever MSI Case Mod Competition. The contest aims to find the most creative and professional custom-made PC in the U.S. and Canada. Entrants will have the opportunity to win the best and the latest MSI products.

Entries for the MSI Case Mod Competition are now open and the top twenty finalists will be showcased online between May 28-June 4, 2004 for online voting of the most popular. To be eligible for the MSI Case Mod Competition, the PCs entered must be a fully functional modified design and be able to boot up. Judges from MSI will judge entries on their creativity/originality (40%), technical difficulty (30%), workmanship (20%), and completeness (10%).

To participate, entrant must submit two pictures of his/her modding system to and registration closes 4:00pm (Eastern Standard Time) on May 21, 2004. The only entries that will be considered eligible entries are entries received within the time frames described above that contain the required information. We suggest all contestants to consider adding a description of the two pictures you are entering in the email, including:

(1) Name of contestant?
(2) Name of the modded box?
(3) Estimated cost to build?
(4) Estimated time to mod?
(5) Components used (Motherboard, Video Card, Processor, Memory and Hard Drive)
(6) Is this the first contest the machine has been entered in?
(7) Other interesting notes about this mod (200 words Max):


>>> Main competition

* First prize- one winner (1st Place) will be awarded $2,000 shopping credits for any MSI products, whichever you prefer.

* Second prize- one winner (2nd Place) will be awarded $1,000 shopping credits for any MSI products, whichever you prefer.

* Third prize- one winner (3rd Place) will be awarded one MSI NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Ultra chipset video card.

* Forth prize- one winner (4th Place) will be awarded one MSI ATI Radeon 9800XT chipset video card.

* Fifth prize- one winner (5th Place) will be awarded one MSI Mega 180 or Mega 865 HTPC Barebone System at the winner's choice.

Upon accepting the awards, you agree to supply a detailed description of the case mod, how you did it, and other mod-related experience. We'll publish the winners on our website. For the first prize and second prize winners, product purchases have to be made through MSI only before 12/31/2004 . Product value will be based on the market price (MSRP) of each product."

This is some great news for the case modding community. More information on this contest can be found here.
Tuesday, April 27, 2004
Zalman ZM-RS6F Theatre 6 Real Surround Headphones Review @ myWORLD Hardware
"The Zalman ZM-RS6F Theatre 6 Real Surround Sound headphones was designed with interesting intentions, that is to provide real multichannel audio over headphones. While it is an interesting concept, the implementation is clearly not up to par."

More information on review can be found here.
Hauppauge WinTV PVR USB2 Review @ HTPCNews
"Adding PVR abilities to your PC has never been easier than this. The Hauppauge WinTV PVR USB2 offers the recording quality of the PVR-250 lineup in an easy USB 2.0 plug and play device. This unit features the same Hardware encoding abilities used in the PVR-250 which allow for near zero CPU usage while recording full frame MPEG2 files. This unit also combines the features of the PVR-250 and the PVR-250MCE into one simple box for those of you who want both the FM radio and the IR Remote control."

More information on review can be found here.
Point of View GeForce FX 5900XT Review @ Hexus
"With Point of View's card coming in at £130, along with the stylish presentation and good bundle that includes the excellent Call of Duty, it's hard not to recommend it. Your only initial problem will be with finding a stockist to sell you one, as Point of View find their feet in the U.K. Other Euro-zone buyers will have a much easier time of it. Price is very good, the sample overclocked very well and the software bundle is good, especially if you haven't picked up Call of Duty yet. Again, if you're shopping in the mid-range and you've got between £100 and £150 to spend, you could do a lot worse than throw it in PoV's direction."

More information on review can be found here.
OCZ PC3500 Enhanced Bandwidth 1GB Dual Channel Kit Review @ TheCrucible
"The EB technology is very effective. Overclocking results from these particular PC3500 sticks was very good. Reaching near PC4000 spec without changing the default timings is always a plus. OCZ has definitely built a lot of head room into this kit. The performance at 500Mhz is also the best we have ever seen. Out scoring anything we have tested prior to these. OCZ has a real winner with their enhanced bandwidth memory."

More information on review can be found here.

GlobalWin Compu Nurse Dual & Compu Nurse Advanced Review

"We all know that computers get hot. How hot is another story. There are some software programs that can give you some information about the temperatures, but how do you know they are accurate? These sensors are only as good as the programming that drives them. Hardware thermometers are much more accurate, and costly. So what to do, what to do?"

More information on review can be found here.
GeIL Ultra Platinum 1GB Dual Channel PC4400 @ Envy News
"After playing with the GeIL Ultra Platinum 1GB Dual Channel PC4400 kit for a few weeks, I had no stability issues whatsoever while it was ran overclocked the whole time. I was really impressed by the extra performance this RAM helped me achieve. I was having stuttering issues in high-end games such as Need for Speed: Underground. My settings were 1280x960 with all eye candy up as far as it would go. During some parts of the track, I’d see a noticeable dip under 30FPS, even with a Radeon 9800XT. After overclocking the stuttering went away."

More information on review can be found here.
Kingmax PC-4000 Hardcore Memory @ Legit Reviews
"I am pleasantly surprised by how these modules tested out! I found that they dissipate heat better than the TSOP memory at the same speed, making them ideal for users looking for modules that wont create an oven in their case. These are actually the coolest running IC's that I have seen at DDR500."

More information on review can be found here.
GeIL Value Dual Channel PC3200 400MHz DDR Memory Video Review @ 3DGameman
"The GeIL Value Dual Channel PC3200 400MHz DDR Memory is value with attitude. Not only is this memory fast at it's default speed, but it's excellent at overclocking. It can reach speeds of 510MHz DDR at above spec timings, which is fantastic. If you are on a budget but want super performance then keep this memory at the very top of your list."

More information on video review can be found here.
Chaintech A865PE Motherboard Review @ MBReview
"We have been running the system for some time now at this speed and have not experienced any problems whatsoever. Whether it is heaving gaming, or crunching serious numbers with Folding @ Home, this A865PE has been able to take the 1.10GHz speed without a thought. We attempted to reach 1.20GHz but it just wasn't going to happen as the system failed to boot."

More information on review can be found here.
April Value Gaming PC Buyer's Guide @ Sharky Extreme
"In a nutshell, our Value Gaming PC Buyer's Guide delivers the performance you want at a price that won't break the bank. The overall scenario is bit different than some of the other buyer's guides on Sharky Extreme, as we limit the budget to $1,000 in cold, hard cash while the goal remains the same: to assemble a kick-ass gaming system that will play today's hottest games and have some power in reserve for tomorrow."

More information on guide can be found here.
Insight Solutions Mini-ITX P4-ITX Motherboard Review @ Whining Dog
"The P4-ITX is a good first generation motherboard that delivers on the promise of bringing the Pentium 4 processor to the Mini-ITX form factor. If you've been thinking about using the Mini-ITX form factor, the P4-ITX is a great alternative to the VIA EPIA line of motherboards."

More information on review can be found here.
Swiftech MCW-CHILL Water Chiller Review @ ProCooling
"There have been a lot of DIY water chillers that have been complete failures in our community and there have been a few that worked marginally well. Swiftech has produced a product that actually excels in its task. How cold does the MCW-Chill get? Well with the system idling I could regularly see -10C coolant temperatures; under heavy load water temperatures rarely rose above freezing. That translates to overclocked CPU temperatures under load of well below room temperature."

More information on review can be found here.
AOpen AX4C Max II Intel Pentium 4 Motherboard Review @ A1-Electronics
"Another improvement to this top quality motherboard from AOpen bringing high-performance, overclocking and a high-end featured package. Overclocking and stability is excellent for those of you planning overclocking this AOpen AX4C Max II motherboard for ultimate performance."

More information on review can be found here.
PC to PS2 Mod Project @ PCUnleash
"This is another creative mod based on acrylics. Mr. Kim has built a system that resembles Playstation 2. He tried to focus making the system as simple as possible, but at the same time bestowing it with a certain elegance. While he was building the system, he tried to only use a small amount of volts and bonds. But instead he used the torch."

More information on project can be found here.
Asetek Antarctica WaterChill Kit Review @ Overclockers Club
"The radiator is a 120mm Black Ice Pro, with push-on fittings. From the Asetek website, "This Black Ice Pro radiator is specifically designed for PC water-cooling. It uses a full copper-finned core with a high-density louvered copper fin configuration, flat tubes for maximum coolant-core heat conductivity, built-in mounting brackets and plenum chamber with tap tight screw holes for outstanding cooling performance that fits perfectly inside your PC. This edition of the Black Ice Pro radiator is equipped with easy push-on fittings for easy and better mounting of the tubes."

More information on review can be found here.
Monday, April 26, 2004
VL Sys L.I.S 2 Premium Indicator Review @ PCUnleash
"Appearance has become a very important factor in influencing which computers win out in the market. People are not willing to tolerate an ugly machine standing in the corner of their house anymore. We are becoming increasingly aware of a PC's appearance. We want something that is both distinctive and easy on the eyes. And of course, we want something that will shine and give its owner a feeling of satisfaction that he/she made the right choice. These expectations are not easy for the manufacturers to fulfill, because this piece of equipment is now required to be not only practical, but pleasing to the senses as well. That is why we want to introduce a product that is especially relevant today. It is the L.I.S 2 from VL System."

More information on this review can be found here.
Thermaltake's Silent Tower CL-P0025 Review @ SweetMods
"Thermaltake is constantly pushing the envelope when it comes to processor coolers. They constantly develop newer and better products for your cooling needs. As the research and development continues, so does the odd nature of the coolers they produce. Today we are going to look at a new product, not yet out on the market, from Thermaltake, that can hold it's own. It is, of course, the Silent Tower with heatpipe technology."

More information on this review can be found here.
Arctic Cooling Super Silent 4Pro L Review @ Madshrimps
"Arctic Cooling received thumbs up with VGA Silencer from every product review, and the product lines covering CPU, VGA coolers, fans and thermal pastes are distributed by SCYTHE world wide. We are taking a closer look at the Super Silent 4Pro L CPU Cooler aimed at Socket 478 application. The all aluminum is rare for a new cooler as many have migrated into all copper or aluminum/copper hybrid."

More information on this review can be found here.

Titan System Coolers TTC-SC04 and TTC-005 Review

"If you are a hardware enthusiast looking for the last bit of cooling performance then look elsewhere, these products are not aimed at this market. If you have want a plug and play method for reducing overall case temperature then these products are worth a look, the price is not particular high either, I’ve seen TTC-005 at ~$6 and the TTC-SC04 at ~$13."

More information on this review can be found here.
Thermalright ALX-800 Heatsink Review @ BJorn3D
"The Themralright ALX-800 is a copper/aluminum hybrid heatsink that offers great performance. In this review, the ALX-800 is tested on two different AMD mobos and compared to the popular Thermaltake Volcano 9 and a retail AMD Athlon XP 2500+ HSF."

More information on this review can be found here.
Modding Tools Editorial @ GruntvillE
"So now that we have told you all about which tools you use to hack your case into little pieces, let's go over what you would use to clean up those cuts and make something that is ready to be shown to the world as your work of art. That's right; in this section we will talk about the tools that are used to make all those fancy designs you cut look their best. Think of it as the bath you give the stray you found before you ask if you can keep him."

This is a nice primer for those individuals looking to get into case modification. More information on this editorial can be found here.
PSU Sleeving Jonny English Style @ PimpRig
"The last time I sleeved a PSU, I advocated cutting off the auxiliary connectors if they weren’t needed, and cutting the power looms down (in terms of both the number of connectors and the length of the cables) to the bare minimum required to power the devices. This time around I wanted to keep the PSU the same way it was as it left the factory. Another benefit could be that in the event of PSU failure, I could always strip off the sleeving, and return the PSU under warranty, as I wouldn’t have opened the casing at any point."

More information on this guide can be found here.
Nebula Electronics DigiTV PCI Card Review @ Tech-PC
"In the last few years however the UK and other countries within Europe have seen the rise digital terrestrial TV. In the UK this first came in the form of the 'OnDigital' pay service, then after that went bankrupt BBC's 'Freeview' service. This service has been steadily improving its coverage and has now got to the point where a fairly large chunk of the country is able to receive the freeview digital. So now we have the Nebula Electronics DigiTV PCI in for review, a card for watching freeview television on your PC."

More information on this review can be found here.

Zalman 5.1 Headphones Review

"PC based 5.1 Speaker systems have now been with us for a while, as have the sound cards which provide the 6 channels of audio in fact these soundcards are now standard fare. As with DVD viewers the majority of PC gamers wont be enjoying true 3D Audio because of similar constraints the cost, space required and trouble with such systems is, frankly, a pain! if you are one of these eople then are the Zalman "Theatre 6" ZM-RS6F headphones worth their money?"

More information on this review can be found here.

Zalman CNPS7000A-Cu Ultra-Quiet CPU Cooler

"Zalman, as a company, have a well earned reputation for making quality products that offer good cooling ability while keeping noise levels low. The Zalman CNPS7000A-Cu Ultra-Quiet CPU Cooler is quite frankly huge, dwarfing the CPU socket. The cooler has a solid copper /Aluminium base linked to a series of copper fins that radiate outwards to make a circle. The built in fan sits amid these fins and blows air downwards."

More information on this review can be found here.
Lian Li PC-V1000 Review @ AMD Review
"This case was originally spotted on The Inquirer, and it was noted in our news section during the CeBit show. Remember folks, the case is an ATX, Advanced Technology Extended, form factor case that has a future look of the new format, BTX, Balanced Technology Extended. Today, we will look at the PC-V1000, the smaller version seen in the CeBit show."

More information on review can be found here.
Thermaltake LanMoto Series Review @ Legion Hardware
"Buying a computer case really is unlike buying any other piece of hardware, as appearances are everything. The look of a graphics card or motherboard may also be important to some users, but quite often it still plays a small roll in the overall scheme of things. When purchasing a case the consumer will often walk into a computer store and pick the one that appeals to them the most. Since the case will sit in the users room or office, most of the time in full view, this is probably a good way for the user to base their purchase. However for those enthusiasts amongst us, simple things like a case can often be much more than just a good looking box. Thermaltake has just demonstrated very well that this can be the case for a case."

More information on review can be found here.
New Weekly Special @ The Cutting Edge
"We have a new special on a great cold cathode inverter. It features a clear casing and has 2 very bright blue LED's inside that give off a lot of light. Instead of hiding your inverter you can now showcase it. Another great feature are the dual light connectors so you can hook up 2 lights and get rid of some of the extra wires in your case."

- Clear case with dual blue LED's
- Dual invertor can run 2 lights
- Stable and reliable output
- Output voltage: 620V.
- Input voltage: 12V
- Inexpensive

More information on this special can be found here.
Soltek Qbic EQ3401 P4 SFF System Review @ hardCOREware
"While the front is largely made of plastic, the rest of the chassis is a thin and light aluminum which is basically two pieces: the base and the cover. The top and sides is one piece held on by three thumbscrews. Despite being a relatively small case, the Qbic has room for two 5.25" drives as well as a 3.5", possibly a floppy but more likely for a flash card reader or a fan control. I mean, who uses floppies anymore?"

More information on review can be found here.
Kingwin KT-424-S-WM Silver Aluminum Mid-Tower Review @ Irontic
"An import factor in a case is the fact that it keeps your pc cool enough to allow it to run stable. This case came standard with 3 80mm fans which is hardly enough cooling nowadays. However, I was in awe because the first thing I saw when I opened the box was a 120mm blow hole in the top of the case."

More information on review can be found here.
Half-Cube Review @ Epiacenter
"Want your computer to look like a small tower system? You can do that easily. Want the model of a car as you case? Just do it. Want it to have the shape of an elephant? Yes, you can have that too. Basically you’re only limited by your imagination as you can easily create and build your own designs."

More information on review can be found here.
SilverStone Lascala SST-LC03 HTPC Case Review @ System Cooling
"Over the last year I've grown to expect good things from SilverStone. Whether it's computer cases, control panels or power supplies. They have show exceptional quality, design, attention to detail and innovation in their products. Today we'll be taking a looking at the Lascala Series SST-LC03 HTPC case. Will it continue SilverStone's hitting streak and prove to be what HTPC dreams are made of or will it result in a sleepless night?"

More information on review can be found here.
SilverStone SST-TJ04 PC Case Review @ Short-Media
"The SilverStone Technology SST-TJ04 Gloria PC case rivals the aesthetic appeal of the likes of Lian Li. SilverStone's goal is to produce a product that has all the features a PC enthusiast would want plus be easy to work with. The SST-TJ04 Gloria excels in some areas but may fall short in others."

More information on review can be found here.
Thursday, April 22, 2004
Cable Clean Up Guide @ OverclockingHQ
"Look under your desk right now! How many cables do you see? Are there so many it looks like a tangled mass of barbed wire? Even the most hard-core modders tend to overclock, I mean 'overlook' this aspect of their rigs."

More information on guide can be found here.
4th B-Day Contest and Giveaway @ Virtual-Hideout
My time really flies when you're having fun! VH turns 4 this month and to celebrate that, we're teaming up with Maxdy.Com to give the readers a chance to win something in a Contest and Giveaway! Here's what the readers stands to win!

- Red Web Aluminum Mid Tower Case
- VPC-1000 Desktop PC Multimedia Hub w/DVD-ROM Drive
- FlexiGlow FX Pro Game Mouse Pad W/ 7 colors LED Acrylic Flashing Base

Congrats to Wolfie and staff for a wonderful 4 years of top notch work. More information on contest can be found here.
PCI Express Feature @ Neoseeker
"We take a look at PCI Express today at Neoseeker and ponder what it brings to the table. As much as everyone in the PC world loves backward compatibility, PCI Express is going to quash that notion introducing both a new physical and underlying interface ushering out the now ubiquitous AGP slot. The classic PCI interface will also be nudged out albeit more slowly. The transition from AGP to PCI Express has a profound impact for the gaming segment especially as it renders nearly all current cards obsolete in upcoming motherboards."

More information on article can be found here.
Compro VideoMate TV Ultra Review @ Viper Lair
"As for actual quality, the card impressed me in some ways. It has very nice image quality through the TV tuner, easily that little bit better than the AiW 9000Pro which was already a very high quality tuner. FM radio quality was good but was hard to get a lock on a clean sound and keep it from breaking up."

More information on review can be found here.
Demonic XTC Waterblock Review @ Water-Cooling
"The Demonic XTC CPU Waterblock is another contender in the water cooling arena, and in this review I plan to see how well it fares against its fierce competition, the Danger Den RBX, and the D-Tek WhiteWater."

More information on review can be found here.
Cooler Master Hyper 6 Cooler Review @ MetkuMods
"Cooler Master has a long history with CPU coolers and they are one of the pioneering companies that introduced heat pipes to the coolers, such as HHC-L61. This time we will take a look at their latest innovation, the Hyper 6 (KHC-V81-U1) that includes six heat pipes. All-copper heatsink that should offer great cooling power for both Intel P4 and AMD's K8 CPUs."

More information on review can be found here.
PMI PC3200 Dual Channel Turbo Memory Review @ PimpRig
"The sticks themselves are pretty good looking. PMI offers the Turbo Memory with heatspreaders in two flavors, copper and platinum copper. The sticks I received have the platinum copper heatspreaders. The finish on the heatspreaders is immaculate and the PMI logo is tastefully done; these sticks would look good in any case."

More information on review can be found here.
Aerocool Aeropower II+ 550W Power Supply Video Review @ 3DGameman
"The Aerocool Aeropower II+ 550W Power Supply has all the power you need, ever, for the most demanding power hungry computer setup. It has two 80mm LED fans, three blue acrylic windows, a shiny titanium coating, blue UV active sleeving and UV active connector. Also comes with two SATA power HHD cables. True power with great looks."

More information on video review can be found here.
BFG 5900XT OC Video Card Review @ Envy News
"Turn it all on! is BFG’s new slogan, and after playing with the 5900XT OC, I’d have to agree that it’s a near perfect fit. The 5700 Ultra struggled to even get above 20fps in Tomb Raider with all the details up while the BFG 5900XT OC almost hit 40fps. Turning the details up is something you can do with the BFG 5900XT OC that you can’t do with lower cards."

More information on review can be found here.
Biostar iDEQ 200A SFF Review @ BJorn3D
"The iDEQ 200A model uses ATI's RS300 (or Radeon 9100 IGP) + iXP150 chipsets, giving the user Radeon 9100 onboard graphics capabilities. It's *only* DirectX8.1 compatable but it does provide a level of integrated performance which should yield excellent multimedia performance and usable gaming performance."

More information on review can be found here.
#Rotor Waterblock Review @ ProCooling
"In the style of open source software, #rotor has produced a thriving community of "open source" shade tree machinists by making his waterblock designs and machining experience freely available on his website and our forums. The internal structure of the block is produced with a drill press and a Dremel, making it possible for those without CNC and end-mill access to still produce waterblocks on our own".

More information on review can be found here.
Super Flower X-Mask SF462 Mid Tower Case Review @ System Cooling
"If the number of offerings on the market is any indication, the demand for inexpensive pre-modded cases must be huge. Almost every case manufacturer has one or more (and in some cases, many) versions of such a case, and more are appearing every day. We've looked at a number of these cases recently, including the Raidmax Scorpio and Cobra, NZXT Guardian, and the Xoxide DemonX. The Super Flower X-Mask SF462 mid tower case falls into this category as well, but as we'll soon see, behind the X-Mask's flashy exterior lie a number of features you might not expect to see on a case that costs less than $70, including a 350 watt power supply. What we'll see is that it just goes to show you that inexpensive does not necessarily equate to cheap."

More information on review can be found here.
Enermax CS-800TA-MW Case Review @ BigBruin
"Right off the bat we notice a few things that make this case different. There is a large mesh fan grill on the side panel with markings around the outside. This is a very well integrated fan controller Enermax has designed for the rubber-supported fan right behind it. The dial is cleverly disguised as the outer ring of the fan grill. Markings on the side panel show low, medium and high speed with graphics."

More information on review can be found here.
Casedge Diabolic Minotaur Designer Computer Case Review @ Tweaknews
"What a case. Honestly. She's a big old heavy bugger, but she's beautiful. There is a ton of space in it for devices and HDDs, and the side-facing HDD rack is very innovative (not to mention convenient). The tool-less design makes for easy setup and reconfiguration, and the included PSU and 120mm are fantastic additions. I'll say it again; it is very hard to pull off a pre-modded case such as this without making it look campy and cheesy. CasEdge has done an excellent job. Now, if they can work on the few minor flaws, they'll have a stellar case on their hands."

More information on review can be found here.
Out of Town on Business
Just a heads up to all our faithful readers that I am heading out of town on business for the next 3 days. This means that no news postings will appear on the site until Monday April 26th. I'm hoping that there is enough news here to keep everyone busy until my return. Now onto today's news..
Wednesday, April 21, 2004
Thermaltake MobileFan 2 & 2+ Reviews @ TheCrucible
"Heat, seems that everything is getting hotter in the computer world. Even your hands? Thermaltake seems to think so. Thus brings us to the Mobile fan 2 & 2+, USB powered adjustable fans."

More information on review can be found here.
Flexiglow FX GamePad Review @ Viper Lair
"Power for the pad is obtained via a 1.8m USB lead so you should have a generous amount of leeway for positioning your pad. The colours on the pad are terrific; when you cycle to red, it IS red. Blue IS blue, etc. And all of this can be changed from the push of one button."

More information on review can be found here.

Corsair and Kingston Ram Giveaway (2 Days Left)

"Up for grabs is 1GB (2x512MB) of Corsair TWINX PC4400 for the winner, and 512MB (1x512MB) of Kingston ValueRam PC3200 for the runner-up."

More information on contest can be found here.
Belkin Nostromo N52 Review @ GruntvillE
"Even better yet, when you're comfortable enough with the layout of the n52, you can set up helpful macros to take your game to the next level. Mixing normal commands with radio or chat commands is an excellent place to start. In a team-based multiplayer game, you could set up a macro to reload your weapon and also shout out a radio warning that you are reloading and vulnerable. Again, the possibilities are endless."

More information on review can be found here.
Evercool K801-825CA AMD Athlon 64 Heatsink Review @ A1-Electronics
"Unfortunately this EverCool K801-825CA heatsink is a little out classed with these air cooled heatsinks we have shown here. Just putting a more powerful fan on this light weight all aluminium EverCool K801-825CA heatsink would make all the difference to its cooling performance."

More information on review can be found here.
Vortex Hard Drive Cooler Review @ OC-Zone
"I have to admit that I had a wrong idea of Vortex, I though it was another heavy monster with a poor performance, but with the time, I realized that is not the truth and it came to be an excellent product. Very reliable, with an easy installation, good Design and better than everything, an excellent performance, this is without doubts an excellent choice if you want to keepcool and long the life of your hard disk."

More information on review can be found here.
Panasonic's CW-8123B Slim Slot DVD Drive Review @ PyroPort
"One of the big questions facing Mini-ITX system builders is the choice of optical drive. This question is often compounded by the fact that many smaller cases require the use of slim drives."

More information on review can be found here.
Linksys WMA11B Media Receiver Review @ Designtechnica
"We really wanted to like this product. We had high hopes for a product that plays both music and images, by the home networking industry leader at a price point of less than $150. We had hoped this would be the product to put networked media devices on the map – it just isn’t the device to do it. There are just too many design flaws and performance issues. While several competing products can play Internet radio stations, uncompressed WAV files and other compressed formats, the WMA11B is limited in the audio files it can play only WMA and MP3."

More information on review can be found here.

Logitech Bluetooth Headset Review

"The overall experience with the Logitech Mobile Bluetooth Headset was one of pleasure and relatively few drawbacks. The $99.95 price point is low compared to other headsets on the market, and the features you get make it a solid buy despite the rare sound glitch. Things Logitech might want to consider in future development of these types of headsets include a car charger as part of the retail package, longer talk time and a better placed multi-function button. For those looking to step up to quality wireless accessories for the wireless world, the Logitech Mobile Bluetooth Headset is definitely a solid start."

More information on review can be found here.
nVIDIA Conference in Japan Part II @ PCUnleash
"We got some new updates on the Japan's nVIDIA conference. The theme was called Graphic Card that Feels. nVIDIA in Japan announced that GeForce 6800 is twice faster than the GeForce FX 5950. Last time, we weren't able to show you all the samples from different graphic manufacturers but we got them here today. Total of 15 other manufactures demonstrated GeForce 6800 Ultra."

More information on report can be found here.
PC Fair 2004 Photo Report @ myWORLD Hardware
"This time around, PC Fair 2004 was held in 4 locations nationwide namely Johor Bahru, Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Kuantan. The first 2 were held on the 9th-11th April 2004 and the latter 2 on the 16th-18th of April. At its Kuala Lumpur venue, the fair occupied 4 Levels of Putra World Trade Centre making it the largest PC event venue in Malaysia."

More information on report can be found here.
nForce3 250 Chipset Overclocking Article @ Hexus
"There is no doubt in our minds that the AMD Athlon 64 will take a great leap forward in overclocking circles with the launch of the nForce3 250 chipset. At last, now that the PCI bus can be controlled, the full potential of the processor can be achieved."

More information on article can be found here.
Tuesday, April 20, 2004
Thermal Integration Dr. Thermal TI-A8736N Cooler Review @ TheCrucible
"Thermal Integration's Dr. Thermal TI-A8736N is a decent replacement for the stock Intel cooler. The performance is good, not great, but good. The A8736N performance is slightly better than the stock cooler, there how ever is a trade off. The A8736N is quite a bit noisier than the stock cooler. Whether or not the trade off is acceptable is up to you."

More information on this review can be found here.
Sennheiser Headphone Roundup @ Think Computers
"Since online gaming has emerged there has been a growing number of games that have voice chat capabilities. Because of this emergence of games, gamers have been looking for a superior headset to provides great sound as well as microphone support. Sennheiser has come out with a new line of Pro-Gaming headsets, the PC-155, PC-145, and PC-135. These are all USB headphones, which means they are connected via the USB port. Sennheiser also has a line of basic gaming headsets. Today we will be looking at the PC 155, PC-145, and PC-135 from the Pro-Gaming Line, and the PC-150 and PC-130 from the basic gaming line. Lets see if Sennheiser lives up to its statement: "the greatest and most exciting sound experience."

More information on this review can be found here.
Venus 2.5" & 3.5" External HDD Enclosures Video Review @ 3DGameman
"The Venus 2.5" & 3.5" External HDD Enclosures are all about portable storage. The 2.5" enclosure in particular is very small, supports any 2.5" Hard Drive, and connection speeds are fast because of it's USB2 capability. The 3.5" enclosure is also very portable and fast but comes with a variety of connection options; USB2, Firewire and SATA."

More information on this video review can be found here.
Gigabyte Radeon 9800 Pro Review @ TWL
"The GV-R98P128D is no doubt an excellent card and has proven to be a great success. It's quality and performance is like a built-by ATI video card. The only problem we had with the video card was when testing the s-video out, the image output experienced some interference."

More information on this review can be found here.
BFG GeForce FX 5900XT OC Review @ BJorn3D
"If you are in the market for value, performance, and an easy and stable upgrade from your current graphics card, look no further than BFG Technologies’ new GeForce FX 5900XT OC. After many long days of testing, I can confidently and happily pat BFG Tech on the back for a job well done. They have delivered a card that performs excellently, offers excellent capability and compatibility with today’s latest games, and still offers a value that would make one lose sleep at night if it were ignored."

More information on this review can be found here.
Gainward FX5900XT 128MB Golden Sample Review @ The Modfathers
"What made these cards a gem is that they still had under their belt a stonkingly strong GPU core. To make this even better the FX5900XT shares the same core as the FX5900 enabling you to BIOS flash it to the more expensive card, creating a FX5900 with slower memory."

More information on this review can be found here.
Geil Mushkin OCZ PC3x00 Intel Performance Review @ Madshrimps
"The world has moved on, as they say. If you have an AMD or Intel setup and you want new low latency memory you have to start searching hard. The once widely available BH-5 which claimed the top spot in many overclockers´ wish lists, is no more. In search for the next best thing we have here today a variety of memory modules which were send to us for review."

More information on this review can be found here.
Albatron FX5900 XTV Video Card Review @ Legit Reviews
"The Albatron FX5900 XTV is a very worthy card and should be considered if you are looking for a gaming graphics solution with an upper-to-mid-range price point. As with most FX5900XT's, the package is the determining factor for which brand you will go with, and Albatron knows this. They have put together a package that anyone looking for a VIVO solution should consider."

More information on this review can be found here.
Quieter PSU Modification @ Spode's Abode
"Either the existing fan can be removed and replaced for a quieter, possibly temperature controlled fan (airflow and noise vary with temperature) or the existing fan just slowed down, usually by lowering its voltage. This drop in voltage can be achieved quite simply in a number of ways."

More information on this article can be found here.
FoxConn 865M01-G-6LS mATX Motherboard Review @ BigBruin
"Having never seen a FoxConn motherboard before this review began, I was anticipating a plain vanilla offering, and this board is nothing like what I was expecting. The attractive and well thought out physical layout, the comprehensive bundle of accessories and utilities, and the overall performance are all quite impressive."

More information on this review can be found here.
Gigabyte GA-8S655FX Ultra Motherboard Review @ 1SweetPC
"If you arent planning to overclock your system very much, this board is for you. It has all sorts of cool features that you can use it just doesnt perform the way we would like to see. If this board could overclock to the same extent that an Abit board can, this would be the sweetest board on the market. However, Gigabyte chose stylishness over performance on this board, which is why it doesnt meet the expectations of 1SweetPC."

More information on this review can be found here.
OCZ 1GB PC4400 DDR550 PS Dual Channel Memory Kit Review @ Tweaknews
"There are a couple of factors that impressed me with OCZ's PC4400 memory. For one, I liked the use of copper heatspreaders. It is well known that DDR550 memory does get warm and using a heatspreader material with a higher heat conductivity rate just makes pure sense. It has been argued for some time whether heatspreaders are really necessary on memory today. For PC3200 memory, this may indeed be true, but for PC4400, it's mandatory. Kick in the fact that it looks great (see picture above), and you have a great combination of practicality and aesthetics which is sought after by enthusiasts today."

More information on this review can be found here.
Silverline Desktop Case Review @ PimpRig
"No case fans are provided with the Silverline case, although there is provision for two. One is for a screw mounted fan on the back panel near the PSU, the other is for a holder-mounted fan one on the front panel on the far left. Unfortunately, not only is the provision for 60mm fans, the integral grilles are highly restricted, meaning that most of the cfm of any fans you fit will be wasted."

More information on this review can be found here.
Raidmax Cobra Gaming Case Review @ System Cooling
"Not long ago, I had the pleasure of reviewing the Raidmax Scorpio case. That case provided a good level of modification such as lights and a window, while providing some nice tech touches such as lots of room for drives and lots of fan mounting points. Today, I'm going to look at the latest offering from Raidmax, the Cobra. Raidmax is referring to this case as their "New Generation Gaming Case."

More information on this review can be found here.
Stellar Case Mod Projects @ GruntvillE
Our good friends from GruntvillE send word that they have some stellar case mod projects currently featured in their forums. Some of these projects are from some well known modders that have been featured in both online and print media.

- Asteroid Case By Mashie
- Metropolis By Crimson Sky
- Mecanique By Crimson Sky
- Storm Bringer By Hobbes

These are some fantastics projects, so be sure to check them out. More information on these projects can be found here.
Monday, April 19, 2004
Silverstone SST-ST40F PSU Review @ Sweetmods
"Power supplies are sometimes thought of as a not-so important part of your computer. In all actuality, the PSU is a very important component. You need a power supply that is powerful enough to power the components you are going to run one stable enough to last a long time and not malfunction."

More information on this review can be found here.
X-Micro WLAN 11g+ Router 108Mb Review @ Hardware-Pacers
"When the first wireless routers were available in the market, it didn't matter how fast they really were, the excitement alone having a wireless router was enough. Now we want something more out of them, such as increased security and throughput. Today X-micro features a router with 802.11g capabilities and a great firewall. As the new wireless routers expand into the horizon such as the X Micro WLAN 11g+ Router, we will take them with us and give them a new meaning."

More information on this review can be found here.
Arctic Cooling VGA Silencer Review @ Big Bruin
"Any product with Silencer in its name must be able to do things quietly. The Arctic Cooling VGA Silencer is no slacker when it comes to keeping a video card cool, but can it do it without waking the neighbors? The answer is a resounding yes. Even in High-speed mode, I could barely hear the wide bladed, blue fan turning over the noise of just one 80mm case fan."

More information on this review can be found here.
Intel D845GERG2 MicroATX Motherboard Review @ Whining Dog
"Although the Intel 865/875 chipsets dominate the Pentium 4 processor market, you can still find quite a few 845 based motherboards out there. They are generally cheap and offer decent performance for many mid range Pentium 4 CPUs. Today we take a look at the Intel D845GERG2 motherboard which combines the 845GE chipset with the MicroATX form factor. This board is an excellent example of Intel manufacturing offering both reliability and stability. If you're in the market for small motherboards, then join us as we evaluate the Intel D845GERG2."

More information on this review can be found here.
ASUS Radeon 9600XT/TVD 128-MB Review @ Sharky Extreme
"The ASUS Radeon 9600XT/TVD 128-MB is a standard Radeon 9600XT card in many ways, but also differs from the standard design in others. The card features a 500 MHz core speed and a 600 MHz DDR memory clock, both of which adhere to the ATI reference specifications. The card itself is definitely not reference design, and ASUS has slapped on a very attractive, and functional, silver heatsink-fan/memory heatsink combo."

More information on this review can be found here.
Danger Den Maze4-1 GPU Tec Kit Guide @ Modtown
"This is basically a walk through for fitting a Danger Den Maze4 – 1 Tec Block Kit but with a bit of common sense could be adapted in most instances where the Neoprene foam is to be cut free hand for most other GPU tec blocks."

More information on this guide can be found here.
Gainward FX PowerPack! Ultra/1100 XT Review @ Hexus
"There's not much the Gainward FX PowerPack! Ultra/1100 XT does wrong. It's fast for its target market and at £135 including dreaded VAT in the U.K., it's a few pounds cheaper than some other 5900XTs on the market and slap bang in the middle of the price range you'll pay for anything else mid-range at the time of writing. It's a good card at a great price and well worth a place near the top of any mid-range short list you might have."

More information on this review can be found here.
New H20-8600 Water Cooling Kit Press Release @ Swiftech
The H20-8600(tm)series liquid cooling kits continue our tradition of truly plug-and-play components with the added performance and value of the new generation of MCW6000(tm)

These kits are specifically intended to bring the efficiency, and quiet operations of liquid cooling to confined environments. They require no case modifications, and may be installed with all existing components already in place inside the chassis.

The H20-8600(tm) series kits include a number of options to accomodate most configurations, from mild to extreme cooling, and they are ideally suited for any chassis featuring 80mm fan intake and/or exhaust openings.

More information on this new product can be found here.
Matrix Orbital MX4 Review @ ProCooling
"What is an MX4? This is MO's new LCD that features: A larger 4 lines x 20 character LCD, 4 fan headers, 6 DOW temp headers, a 5V GPO controller, and a new bay insert that takes up 2 5.25" bays."

More information on review can be found here.

Danger Den Maze 4 Waterblock Review

"The Danger Den Maze4 is a copper base multiple channel design that features a Lexan top and two barbs arranged so water flows side to side through the block. This was a large change from previous Danger Den designs as the Maze 1C, Maze 2rev2, and Maze 3 all relied on some variation on a center inlet/spiral channel design."

More information on review can be found here.
Antec Sonata 'Lifestyle' Case Review @ EnScape
"The Sonata covers its drive bays with a hinged plastic door. This serves to lessen the noise from the drives, and to make the case look neater. You can see the lock for the case door, and the green light is the power LED, the yellow is the hard drive activity LED. It would have been nice if at least one of them was blue to match the main power lights!"

More information on review can be found here.
Thermaltake V6000A Damier Case Review @ CoolTechZone
"Thermaltake has been producing cases for a long time. They have undoubtly produced some of the best looking and best "performing" cases in the market. There are many factors to take into consideration when choosing a computer case. First and foremost are the looks. Many of us don't consider a case solely based on looks. Then comes the weight and the general size. And finally, we have the price conflict and the features."

More information on review can be found here.
Antec Overture Take Three: Guide to Better Cooling @ HTPCNews
"The Antec Overture is by far the most common starter HTPC case and has been at the center of multiple heated debates on its temperature "issue." We at decided to bring everyone an editorial on how to tame this beast in the cooling department while maintaining the same overall look and feel to the original case's exterior. If you are one of the many thousands who have purchased this case, here's some examples on getting the best performance out of your rig."

More information on article can be found here.
Casedge Minotaur Mid ATX Gaming Tower Review @ Tech-Mods
"If you happen to walk into your local computer store or visit your favorite online computer vender, chances are in both cases you'll see more and more unusual looking computers and/or their accessories. At one time a computer seemed to only work if it was beige. These days the plain old beige is near ended, we don't need the plain look nor do we want it. Today we will be looking at a computer tower that stands out in any lineup and is categorically nowhere near beige, The CasEdge's Diabolic Series "Minotaur" Mid ATX Gaming Tower."

More information on review can be found here.
Saturday, April 17, 2004
nVidia GForce 6 Series Part 1 An Overview @ The Modfathers
"However what this card represents is a significant move forwards for games development. The adoption of more DX9 features releases the games developers to achieve a level of realism that has been unheard of in the past. For us it will allow us to have games that will draw us into them like never before."

More information on review can be found here.
Plextor PX-708UF External 8X DVD+-R/RW DVD Burner Review @ Tweaknews
"Today, I will be reviewing the PX-504UF's big brother, the PX-708UF. The PX-708UF is a carbon-copy of its predecessor in terms of connectivity and style. In terms of performance, the PX-708UF takes a fairly big leap forward by supporting 8 different formats (8X DVD+R, 4X DVD-R, 4X DVD+RW, 2X DVD-RW, 12X DVD-ROM, 40X CD-R, 24X CD-RW AND 40X CD-ROM)."

More information on review can be found here.
Various GeForce 6800 Ultra Cards Preview @ PCUnleash
"Yesterday in Japan, they have shown GeForce 6800 Ultra from different manufacturers. Official price is not known at this moment, but Geforce 6800 Ultra will have a price range of 650 US dollars. Most of the VGA cards will be available in late May in the market. We haven't acquired information for normal 6800 at this time. Steven sims said, the new GeForce 6800 sereis will have some flexible o/c options. Albatron said that their 'Geforce6800UV' has core clock running at 600Mhz and the ram is reaching 1Ghz."

More information on preview can be found here.
Albatron FX5900 XT Video Card Review @ Viper Lair
"At around $200 US for this card, and seeing its performance, it's a pretty good buy. It easily bests nVidia's other option which is the 5700U, but how does it compare to ATI hardware? One thing for sure, it does go up against the 9600XT much better than the 5700U ever did. This card is cheap, quick, and plays DX8.1 games well."

More information on review can be found here.
PMI PC-4200 Turbo Memory Review @ Legit Reviews
"Although PMI is new to us as consumers in North America they have been around for almost 10 years and in the DRAM trade being ten years old is a sign of doing things right. After looking at their high-end performance line it's clear to see why the have been successful in the memory industry and make modules for other companies."

More information on review can be found here.
PMI 3200-512DGL Memory Kit Review @ BJorn3D
"Power Memory International recently entered the enthusiast DDR memory module market with its TurboMemory line. The TurboMemory line offers modules operating at today's common speeds and featuring gold or platinum heat spreaders and low latencies. Does this memory industry veteran have what it takes to hang in this market? Judging by the PMI3200-512DGL, I would say PMI is here to stay! Read to this review to find out what is so great about PMI's new offerings."

More information on review can be found here.
ASUS P4R800-V Deluxe Motherboard Review @ Hexus
"Given the street price of ~£75 and the wealth of features on offer from ASUS, the P4R800-V Deluxe is an excellent motherboard if pure performance isn't your primary aim. ASUS and ATI have managed to fill a void that's existed for some time. We just ask that ATI manage to extract better performance from the 9100 IGP chipset. ASUS, in the end, has done a good a job as anyone. Another well-rounded board from the Taiwanese masters."

More information on review can be found here.
New Weekly Special @ The Cutting Edge
"The special this week is for the PowerLab 450 Watt
Power Supply. These are a bare bones P4/AMD ready power supply at an unbelievable price of $25.00. They are extremely dependable and feature over-voltage and short circuit protection as well as a low noise ripple with a built in EMI filter."

- 450 watts total max power
- High Efficiency
- Full AMD Athlon and Intel P4 support
- Low Noise & Ripple
- Over Voltage Protection
- Short Circuit Protection
- Built-in EMI Filter

More information on weekly special can be found here.
Raidmax Cobra 822 Case Video Review @ 3DGameman
"The Raidmax Cobra 822 Case offers excellent bang for the buck. It includes four 5.25" & two 3.5" external drives and four 3.5" internal drives. There are two clear temperature controlled fans at the rear and one tri-color LED fan at the side for good air circulation inside the case. It also includes a Raidmax 420 watt Power Supply Unit. The overall style and layout is great and has enough room for most computer hardware need."

More information on video review can be found here.
Mini Flex ATX Computer Case (HTPC) Review @ A True Review
"This is a great looking case. You won't find LED fans, cold cathodes or a case window on this case. What you will find is a great looking black textured paint job. Opening up a door on the front of the case, reveals access to a 5 1/4" drive. The ability to hide an optical drive is another solid design feature of this case."

More information on review can be found here.
Silverstone SST-TJ05 Case Review @ Overclockers Cafe
"The single piece construction of the opposite side and top panels, while adding sturdiness to the case, makes it more difficult to remove. Also detracting from the case is the lack of an included exhaust fan. While it will support multiple sizes, having one included would have been nice. With a price tag of $100 dollars, the Silverstone may have a difficult time competing against some other similarly priced cases."

More information on review can be found here.
Friday, April 16, 2004
Seasonic Super Tornado 400W Power Supply Review @ Icrontic
"Internally this does not appear to be a typical power supply. The design of the chassis maximizes ventilation during operation: the 120mm fan draws air in and across the very large internal heatsink, and out the rear honeycomb grill. The operating sound of the fan is negligible yet pushes a lot of air out the back. Also notice the lack of a 110/220V switch for selecting AC voltage this will be detected automatically."

More information on review can be found here.
Zippy Hunter Office Keyboard (WK-9200) Review @ Hardware-Pacers
"The Hunter Office Keyboard for XP (WK9200) is a splendid multifunction keyboard that ensures a computer user's time on the keyboard is kept to a minimum. The WK9200 has given users the ability to access common features with the touch of a button. It has never been easier to launch applications such as MS Word, Excel, or PowerPoint; the Hunter Office Keyboard has made launching these applications as easy as a simple button click. Not only is it easy to launch frequently used applications, but access to the features inside of these applications has become easier as well. With six specific "Key Zone's" that harbor over 45 different key commands and shortcuts, efficiency and productivity should greatly improve."

More information on review can be found here.
Evercool's Personal Computer's Air Conditioner Review @ Tech Dreams
"According to, an air conditioner is an apparatus for controlling, especially lowering, the temperature and humidity of an enclosed space. So how does this relate to us in the computer age? Well probably our number one goal is to keep our computer equipment as cool as possible, the thought of a nice mini air conditioning unit in my case would be sweet, but the components needed for this would take up more or less 90% of the case itself. Evercool dubbed one of their new products the PCAC - Personal Computer Air Conditioner. However, I do not see a condenser, blower, or refrigerant lines, so I would assume the name is purely novelty for the drive bay fan system."

More information on review can be found here.
ConvertX Digital Video Converter PX-M402U Review @ Tech-Mods
"Have you ever had aspirations to be the next Steven Spielberg? Why don't you give it a try? With the price of technology decreasing, there are a greater number of people who own, or know somebody who owns a Video camera and/or VCR of some sort. Also, with the proliferation of newer, greater technology, more and more avenues to explore are opening. Today we are going to delve into the realm of video capture/conversion, and editing possibilities that exist through the Plextor ConvertX Digital Video Converter Model PX-M402U."

More information on review can be found here.
Albatron GeForce FX5900XTV Review @ BJorn3D
"At its core, the Albatron FX5900XTV is powered by NVIDIA's former flagship chipset, the NV35. Introduced in May 2003, the NV35 fixed some of the most glaring problems with the NV30 by adding a 256-bit memory bus, improving pixel shader performance, and eliminating the need for a drastic cooling system. The NV35 was replaced as NVIDIA's high-end chipset by the NV38, introduced in October; however, the only difference between the NV38 and the NV35 are the chip's clock speeds. This means that for all intents and purposes, the FX5900XTV is powered by a version of NVIDIA's highest-end chipset with lower clock speeds. The FX5900XTV is clocked at 390Mhz for the core and 700Mhz for its128 MB of memory."

More information on review can be found here.

Albatron GeForce FX5900XTV Review @ Viper Lair

"At around $200 US for this card, and seeing its performance, it's a pretty good buy. It easily bests nVidia's other option which is the 5700U, but how does it compare to ATI hardware? One thing for sure, it does go up against the 9600XT much better than the 5700U ever did. This card is cheap, quick, and plays DX8.1 games well."

More information on review can be found here.
ATI AIW Radeon 9600 Pro Review @ ExplosiveLabs
"As we all know ATI's next generation of graphics cards are just around the bend. What ATI plans for their latest AIW series is still to unknown to us but we are more than sure they won't jeopardize the AIW's reputation. The AIW series has come so far over the past decade that one must wonder just what ATI will do to improve upon it. For the time being the A-I-W 9600 Pro is one of our favorites. Until we get our hands on their next generation of AIW cards, we have to say it will be hard to beat the AIW 9600 Pro's features, performance, quality and price."

More information on review can be found here.
Foxconn 865A01-PE-6EKRS Motherboard Reivew @ Extreme Overclocking
"Today we will be taking a look at the Foxconn 865A01-PE-6EKRS motherboard. The big question we hope to answer in this review is if Foxconn can transform their knowledge of building OEM products into something that fits the needs and requirements of today's PC enthusiast, overclocker, gamers, and even the small systems builder. Features, performance, and price are all very important considerations when looking at a motherboard, or any product for that matter."

More information on review can be found here.
Cooler Master Aquagate Liquid Cooling System @ System Cooling
"It seems like almost every day we get an email here at Systemcooling telling us about a new water cooling system that's coming to market. Many of them you've seen here on our pages, and some we've looked at and politely declined. Some of them come from very well known companies such as Koolance and Asetek, others are from companies you've never heard of, and in one or two instances, probably never will. When Cooler Master contacted me about their new water cooling system, dubbed the Aquagate, it made me sit up and take notice. With their reputation for quality and performance in the case and cooling business, along with their not-inconsequential R&D capabilities, a water cooling kit made by Cooler Master may be just what the doctor ordered. So sit back and join us as we take a journey through the ins and outs of the Cooler Master Aquagate."

More information on review can be found here.
Intimidator CPU and GPU Chipset Water Blocks Review @ Madshrimps
"Now that water cooling systems are becoming more popular, you'll find a lot of retail solutions. Most of them are high priced and offer only average performance. Building the setup yourself is an option, but getting the blocks is the most difficult part I think. Good performance for a decent price."

More information on review can be found here.

AMD nForce3 150 Memory Timings Explored

"On an Nforce2 based platform it was proven that that CL2 2-2-5 was not the fastest setting for your ram, in fact CL2 2-2-11 was! But what about the Nforce3 150, the A64 chipset? Is the famous CL2 2-2-5 back? Does Cas Latency influence performance a lot? Let´s find out."

More information on article can be found here.
Home Entertainment PC MOD @ PCUnleash
"The computer is not getting more compact, but it is becoming more essential to our recreational life. We have heard of HTPC, which stands for "Home Theater Personal Computer". But today we would like to introduce the HEPC which stands for Home entertainment personal computer. It is here to replace your old audio with a futuristic look, but it still has all the features to explore the internet and play games."

More information on project can be found here.
Chenming ATX-602 Case Review @ Overclockers Cafe
"Chenming has made some very nice improvements to an already great case. Including a removable mainboard tray, side mounted drive trays and hidden drive rail storage are icing on the cake for a case that many users consider the standard other cases are measured against. The lightweight aluminum frame is light enough that you could tote you machine to a LAN without developing Popeye forearms."

More information on review can be found here.
Thursday, April 15, 2004
Razer ViperT Gamers Mouse Review @ Virtual-Hideout
"Razer is not by any means new on the scene. Their history is one of overcoming turbulent times and unusual circumstances. Earthquakes, Typhoons, SARS, Bankruptcy, bad business relationships and god knows what else had plagued this small company's effort to deliver their flagship Boomslang mouse (now renamed and redesigned as the Boomer) to the masses. It has certainly been a roller coaster ride for Razer. But when I first heard they were releasing a new product, I was delighted that they were back for another go. Hopefully moving forward, they'll experience a little more success and a little less defeat."

More information on review can be found here.
Razer Viper High-Precision Mouse Video Review @ 3DGameman
"The Razer Viper is a super accurate mouse because of its true 1000 DPI hardware-based optical engine. This will result in much more responsiveness than the average mouse. It has a translucent exterior design with red LED, nonslip side rails, ultraslick teflon feet, gold plated USB connector and much more. A must have for any serious First Person Shooter gamer."

More information on video review can be found here.
Clever Power SPS-400 ATX Power Supply Review @ System Cooling
"Netlink Technology is a distributor of networking equipment, which will soon include the Clever Power line of silent power supply units (PSU). Today we will be reviewing the SPS-400 that is rated for 400 watts and incorporates a unique low noise blower style fan and four built-in AC accessory outlets for powering peripheral devices."

More information on review can be found here.
Silverstone SDP01 Multi Card Reader Review @ Designtechnica
"Overall the Silverstone SDP01 6-in-1 media reader performed as well or better than comparable products. It looks good, is relatively easy to install and is quite versatile. Its silver color allows it to go well with most case colors and is a welcome change from the boring old beige of other internal components. In our opinion, the performance, portability and looks of the external device make it worth purchasing even if you are not going to install the dock internally."

More information on review can be found here.
Vantec go2.0 8-in-1 Card Reader Review @ Think Computers
"It never seems to fail that despite efforts at industry standardization, when it comes to computer peripherals we are still left with a handful of choices. How can you pick one that will be supported a year from now, which one do you choose? Why all of them, of course. Vantec's 8-in-1 card reader eliminates the need to pick and choose which memory formats to use with laptops, PDA's, digital cameras, and any other peripherals that need expandable memory."

More information on review can be found here.
Albatron PX875P Pro Motherboard Review @ MBReview
"Overall we were pleased with the first Albatron motherboard to enter our graces. We've been informed by Albatron that this motherboard will be running for a price in the $125 range, give or take a little between resellers. This price is quite good for what you get, although the few additional items we mentioned in the package portion of the review could only help the PX875P Pro become a more attractive buy for budget buyers and those looking for some bang for their buck."

More information on review can be found here.
DFI LANPARTY Pro875B Motherboard Review @ BJorn3D
"DFI has made quite a name for itself with the LANPARTY series of motherboards. The Pro875B is DFI's Canterwood offering in this big bundle, top performance line. With its orange and yellow UV-reactive slots and connectors and great features, it's not only a great looking but also a great performing P4 solution."

More information on review can be found here.
NVIDIA Geforce 6800 (NV40) Launch @ Legit Reviews
"Last night NVIDIA unveiled the newest Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), code-named the NV40, to the cheers and applause of hundreds in San Francisco. NVIDIA has been behind the coat tales of ATI, but NVIDIA now feels that after 18 months of research and development by leading engineers that they have once again overtaken the number one spot in the graphics market."

More information on review can be found here.

NVIDIA Geforce 6800 (NV40) Launch @ Hardware Analysis

"With the launch of the GeForce 6800 Ultra, or rather the NV4x architecture, that’s all about to change. In short the NV4x architecture is not a simple redesign of an older chipset, this new architecture is designed around a whole new set of requirements put forth by the new DirectX specification outlined in DirectX 9.0b and c as well as the new Shader Model 3.0 it is supporting. Especially that new shader specification is a feature worth noting as that’ll put a whole new meaning to previously used techniques such as anti-aliasing."

More information on review can be found here.

NVIDIA Geforce 6800 (NV40) Launch @ Nordic Hardware

"NVIDIA got a bit left behind when ATI for about a year and a half ago released the 9700 Pro. Not only did ATI manage to deliver their card long before NVIDIA, later on, when NVIDIA finally released their GeForce FX 5800 Ultra it also showed that it did not have much to come with. The successors GeForce FX 5900 and 59059 Ultra had more success but most people's opinions where that ATI's products were simply superior when it came to both image quality and performance. In other words, ATI has been on top within 3D graphics in a year and a half, for the first time in the company's career. Today NVIDIA stops that trend."

More information on review can be found here.

NVIDIA Geforce 6800 (NV40) Launch @ BJorn3D

"Enthusiasts will simply love this card. Built from scratch, high-end GeForce 6 Series GPUs show huge technological advancements over the previous generation. Great performance and much improved image quality seem to be the two strong aspects of highly anticipated NV40 GPU."

More information on review can be found here.
MSI FX5700 Ultra TD128 Video Card Review @ A1-Electronics
"All-in-all this MSI FX5700 Ultra TD128 is a very well made top quality graphics card giving super performance with more included software than you can rattle a stick at. With the very efficient heatsinks allowing high overclocking of the MSI FX5700 Ultra TD128 and coupled with the attractive design to brighten up any computer."

More information on review can be found here.
Asetek Antarctica Waterblock Review @ Ninjalane
"Asetek has introduced a new high performance waterblock called the Antarctica. The block is using a micro channel design and 3 push in type hose barbs for better cooling and performance."

More information on review can be found here.
HIS Excalibur Platinum Radeon 9600 Videocard Review @ Tweaknews
"With 256Megs of texture memory and full dual DVI connection support for US$149, the Excalibur Radeon 9600 is targeted towards the price conscious consumer that is in need of a good upgrade for their workstation, wants to game from time to time and have some money left in their wallet.
Sure it isn't a screamer when it comes to gaming, but it was never meant to be. Gaming on a 17 inch monitor at 1024x768 set at driver defaults was very comfortable and even with moderate quality settings I could game for hours just like I could if I was using a 9800pro."

More information on review can be found here.
CasEdge Diabolic Minotaur Case Review @ GruntvillE
"A company called CasEdge developed a case called the Diabolic Minotaur. In Greek Mythology, the Minotaur was a savage and horrendous half-man & half-bull, killed by Theseus. A labyrinth was created where the Minotaur was hidden, allowing him to survive off of the flesh of those given to him in sacrifice."

More information on review can be found here.
Enermax CS-800TA Case Review @ Overclockers Cafe
"Another wire mesh screen is present covering the blowhole and the little symbols are used to show the different settings for fan speed. Yes, the blowhole cover turns allowing you to adjust the speed of the fan mounted behind it. The same mesh grill is here that should stop much of the stuff that would get sucked into a case."

More information on review can be found here.
Project Asteroid @
"This project started when my sister asked me nicely if I could build her a new computer. She had an old P3 600MHz that really couldn't cope with todays software. Luckily for her the Oenone case had just had it's hardware decommissioned pending a complete rebuild so a P4 2.4GHz and an ATI 9700 Pro should produce a descent speed increase.
Since I didn't want to be blamed for being too nice I decided to make her a case in the shape of a dirty snowball, also known as an asteroid."

Nice work! More information on project can be found here.
Wednesday, April 14, 2004
Mouse Grips Review @ Creative Mods
"Gaming has turned into a very serious activity in the past few years. Knowing this, companies are pumping out all sorts of products to cater to gamers. High end mouse pads, gaming gloves, and even gamer specific clothing have all been made just for gamers. Today, I had an opportunity to review the latest product in this category: Mouse GripsT. Mouse GripsT are Pre-cut pieces of high quality neoprene material that you can place onto your mouse to improve grip and to absorb sweat."

More information on guide can be found here.
Silverstone SST-SDF01 80mm and SST-SDP05 120mm Fans Review @ OnePC
"In the last few years, the hardware enthusiast market has seen a dramatic shift from obnoxiously loud cooling hardware to the silent cooling solutions that we now see today. Enthusiasts now have the choice of building a PC that is both quiet and powerful, as opposed to the take-no-prisoners approach that has been taken in the past, with fans that were acoustically comparable to most household vacuum cleaners. Many manufacturers of aftermarket components have realized this potential, and have developed entire lines of products that cater to those who wish to achieve low-noise levels. Silverstone is one such manufacturer in the market, and today we take a closer look at two of their products: the SST-SDF01 and the SST-SDP05 case fans."

More information on review can be found here.
High End Video and CPU Guide @ AllAMD
"With the tons of possible choices for components out there, it's hard to determine what the best choice is for you, especially when you're looking for an ultimate performance machine. Some components work better on certain platforms, others work better with a different one. Generally speaking, the higher the price of the component is, the better the performance you get out of it. However, this is not necessarily true for all components. Most of us don't have the resources or the time to go out and buy and try all types of video cards, processors and the like to squeeze every last bit of power out of our computers."

More information on guide can be found here.
Noise Isolator 3.5" Bay Fan Speed Controller Review @ Short-Media
"When a computer is referred to as "the wind tunnel" it's time to take control of its fans. When no 5.25" bays remain the 3.5" Noise Isolator 3.5" Bay Fan Speed Controller is the answer."

More information on review can be found here.
XFX 5700 Ultra Dual DVI Review @ Viper Lair
"While the XFX 5700 Ultra isn't the fastest card in the block, it is still a good card worthy of a recommendation for the performance and Dual DVI capability if nothing else. If you want a good, stable, fast video card that won't break the bank I would put the 5700 Ultra on your list of possible video cards to purchase."

More information on review can be found here.
AOpen Aeolus GeForce FX5900XT 128MB Review @ Hexus
"Our final thoughts are simple. NVIDIA's done a good job in ensuring that a midrange GPU has true top-end performance clout. AOpen hasn't seized the opportunity with both hands. The Aeolus FX5900XT doesn't have enough going for it at the asking price of £150 to seriously warrant an immediate purchase, and the lack of a bundled game is disappointing. We'd either opt for another partner's card that offers the full gamut of hardware (VIVO) and software (games) extras, or we'd plump for a generic model at a lower price-point."

More information on review can be found here.

NVIDIA's GeForce 6800 Ultra GPU Review

"NVIDIA have surprised me with NV40. It's ridiculously fast compared to R360 in some tests, if you avoid the 8X supersampling mode. But there lies the rub. Shouldn't we expect good high-end antialiasing performance with their latest generation GPU? DX9 performance, at least theoretically, is very strong. The shading performance of NV40 is mighty in some respects. It's got all the features NV3x should have had (and R360 already does in some respects), like multiple render targets and floating point support for everything. Overall, I'm appreciative of the features and the performance. It's nice to see NVIDIA get it more right than they have recently. Shader Model 3.0 performance will be nice to evaluate in the future. A fast wee beasty with excellent features, we now wait for ATI and R420."

More information on review can be found here.
Arctic Cooling Copper Silent 2L Heatsink Review @ BigBruin
"The Arctic Cooling Copper Silent 2L is an inexpensive thermal solution for your AMD Duron / Athlon / Athlon XP processor up to 3400+. With its integrated 3 speed fan, the Copper Silent 2L provides a low profile heatsink that will eliminate any concerns you may have on whether it will fit in even the smallest of case’s, including the newer HTPC case’s on the market today."

More information on review can be found here.
Xice EC900 Water Cooling Kit Review @ ModSynergy
"ModSynergy reviewed its first water cooling kit product a while ago when it looked at the Thermaltake Aquarius III. Today we review the new EC900 water-cooling kit from Xice. Xice hopes to provide a silenced alternative for air-cooling users. However, this kit is not like the usual: it is purely passive, which means it does not utilize any fans".

More information on review can be found here.
Shuttle XPC SN85G4 SFF Review @ Whining Dog
"WOW - that pretty much summarizes my experience with the Shuttle XPC SN85G4. It was sheer pleasure putting together this system and the resulting performance blew my mind away. When the project initially began, I envisioned the SN85G4 as a potential game / multimedia box for my home. After a few weeks of testing, benchmarking, and game playing, I can certifiably say that this box will be the center for all of my multimedia work. The Athlon 64 processor is the processor to beat - period. Couple the processor with the Shuttle SN85G4 barebones system, and you nearly have the ultimate in small form factor PC's."

More information on review can be found here. Up for Sale?
"There have been a number of reports with the first starting at [H]ardOCP that the owners of PCMods have put their business up for sale. For those of you not familiar with PCMods, they were one of the first full featured online vendors and pioneers to offer case modding products to the community. MTB's history with PCMods extends back 4-5 years with our first review of PCMods products featured two years ago. I want to take this time to wish Carl and the rest of his staff all the best for the future."

The entire sale of the business is being tracked on eBay. More information on auction can be found here.
Thermaltake WinGo V7000D Review @ AllAMD
"We've watched them go from the original Xaser series, through the Xaser II and III series and now on to the XaserV series. Following in the venerable footsteps of its forefathers, the XaserV WinGo V7000D makes a statement about the way cases should be built. There's a whole new look mixed in with some added practicality and functionality and presto, a great addition to hold the Xaser name."

More information on review can be found here.
MNPCTech SC135 Pre-Modded Case Review @ Overclockers Club
"Today we will be looking at a case from MNPCTech the SC135 (Stealth Cooled at 135cfm). Founded over three years ago MNPCTech is a custom mod shop offering many modding services and supplies. The SC135 is MNPCTech's latest creation aimed at gamers and people who want the best possible case cooling. The SC135 has had a few key features pre-modded for the overall benefit of the case. These are common modifications, but professionally done by MNPCTech. Lets take a closer look and see what all this case has to offer."

More information on review can be found here.
Aspire X-Infinity Mid-Tower Case Review @ 3DXtreme
"At the bottom of the front of the X-Infinity is a backlit LCD panel that can report case temps or any other temperature the users prefers. Also notice the area over the internal intake fans is very porous allowing for maximum airflow."

I'm not to fond of the design of this case, but if you love BMW's this might be for you. More information on review can be found here.
RaidMax Cobra Case Review @ Overclocker Cafe
"The RaidMax Cobra has the basic features anyone could want in addition to looks that most would agree are pretty hip. The steel chassis and lack of a motherboard tray are easily overlooked provided we are talking about a case with a street price of about $80 and that includes a 420 watt power supply."

More information on review can be found here.
Tuesday, April 13, 2004
Silverstone 80mm Case fan w/ Control Module Review @ 1SweetPC
"It includes a 3.5" bay device that has a control knob so you can vary the RPMs of the fam from 1300RPM, at about 17d (A) to 5500RPM at about 48dB(A). This is nice so you can turn down the speed of the fan at night of whenever you dont need the extra airflow and noise, and save your sanity. Theres really not a huge amount to say about the fan really. It spins, moves air, and at higher speeds makes some noise. Its pretty quiet at its lowest setting although also very loud at full speed."

More information on review can be found here.
Linksys USB Bluetooth Adapter (USBBT100) Review @ The Crucible
"If you have other Bluetooth enabled devices, it may be worth a look. If not, I would say go with 802.11g (or even 802.11b if you have to) rather than use Bluetooth. I cannot really recommend using bluetooth for purposes other than outlined in this article. The dial up through the cell phone for access anywhere (GPRS) may be an interesting option, but there are other ways to go about that (like GPRS adapters)."

More information on review can be found here.
X-Micro Wireless-G Networking Review @ PimpRig
"I don't know about anyone else, but I for one haven't heard much about the company X-Micro. So I did a little research and found out that they haven't been around that long at all. The company was established in 1999, and develops Graphic Cards, Wireless Communication, and Digital Devices (likes MP3 Players). Today X-Micro has graciously provided a X-Micro WLAN 11g+ Router 108Mb, and the X-Micro WLAN 11g+ PCI 108Mb. That is a pretty big claim to be able to go faster then a normal wired setup, let's see if they can actually get there."

More information on review can be found here.
LG World's First All Compatible DVD Burner Review @ PCunleash
"Life's good at LG, being the first company to release an all compatible DVD burner. We knew it was bound to happen, and being lucky enough for LG to be the first company to surpass all of the boundaries. This burner reads all of the available DVD formats except the DVD-RAM cartridge."

More information on review can be found here.
Transcend TV-BOX USB2.0 Review @ Hardware Pacers
"Transcend TV-Box USB2.0 captures video from an antenna, cable, television set, DVD player, VCR and other video devices. It can also capture images, full motion videos and it has a built in TV tuner. It includes software that allows a computer to be turned into a digital recording station. This product is beneficial for people who do not have room for a TV or people who want 2 in 1 solution of having TV viewing and computer operations on one screen."

More information on review can be found here.
Hardware PVR Card Identification and Compatibility Guide @ HTPC News
"If any of you are like us, I know you would rather put your money down on a product that is well supported and you know what it is. In today's market there is a large number of hardware MPEG2 capture cards (think TiVO capture quality with near zero CPU usage) and choosing the correct one can seem daunting at first. We have taken the guessing game out of this for all our readers through this PVR Identification and Compatibility guide. Everyone who has been thinking of purchasing a PVR off eBay should most definitely give this one a read over before clicking bid. Better to know what your buying than wasting 100 bones."

This is a great mini guide if your into building your own HTPC. More information on review can be found here.
PowerColor 9800SE Video Card Review @ BJorn3D
"We all want the biggest and fastest video card but rarely can afford it. The solution? Buy a slower version. With the Radeon 9800SE, PowerColor has a card that while crippled (compared to the 9800XT) still offers good performance for a great price."

More information on review can be found here.
SOYO KT600 DRAGON Plus Motherboard Review @ Hardware12v
"The yield of chipset KT600 has turned out to be greater from which personally it hoped of him. As you know well, nforce2 monopolizes practically all the segment of average and high range which, at sight of the results obtained by this one plate, that it is not just."

More information on review can be found here.
Gigabyte GV-N595U-GT Video Card Review @ Envy News
"The Gigabyte GV-N595U-GT is for those who have the money and can’t live without the best nVIDIA card. Don’t like the stock FX5950 Ultra speed, but are afraid to overclock? The GV-N595U-GT is for you. Already have a video editing / capturing software suite? The GV-N595U-GT is for you. Want a card that is able to go even farther than its already pre overclocked speeds? The GV-N595U-GT is for you."

More information on review can be found here.
Swiftech MCX6400-V & MCX64-V Heatsinks Video Review @ 3DGameman
"The Swiftech MCX6400-V & MCX64-V Heatsinks offer excellent performance. The 6400-V model is the flagship; however, the 64-V model is no slouch. Both have a thick solid copper base with many aluminum pins to dissipate the heat. Also, the base on each is very smooth which allows great contact between it and the CPU. Two wicked heatsinks!"

More information on video review can be found here.
Primecooler PC-HDB SuperSilent Passive HDD Cooler Review @ Madshrimps
"Hard disks, nowadays the prices of these little components have come down a lot. Instead of archiving data onto CD/DVD people are just adding more HD’s to their system. 200gb of extra storage can provide you with enough room for the next years to come. But then the inevitable happens. A hard disk crash. The IBM 60/70 GXP Deskstar (better know as Deathstar) stopped working when temperature rose to high. To avoid these problems in the future it might be wise to add some extra cooling to your system. Today I’m testing the PC-HDB(P) passive hard disk cooling from Primecooler. They also send me their optional Primecooler PC-HDB2(BS) active 5.25” bay cooling solution."

More information on review can be found here.
A-Top Z-Alien Computer Case Review @ Viper Lair
"A-Top includes a 500w power supply with the case, which although is not from a familiar manufacturer, it still provided adequate stable power to my system. Easy access to everything is another big feature on the Z-Alien. Front USB, Top USB, Firewire and audio should make life a lot easier for most. This case is also very roomy."

More information on review can be found here.
Modding the MkII to 404a @ Over-Clock UK
"For this weekend myself n' Fliptone took the plunge and dived into Regassing a Prommi MkII over to r404a. As this is becoming an area of increasing interest for the hardcore benchers out there we've documented it all too. So have a read and see the results so far in our forums."

More information on project can be found here.
Monday, April 12, 2004
Jetart CF7000 Aluminium Led Fan Review @
"Casemodding has become a real trend in the computer world. Even the average computer user wants a nice case. Since you have bought or made a nice case yourself you will want something extra. Today we are testing this Aluminium Led Dc fan van Jetart."

More information on review can be found here.
GameRiot Spring 2004 Tour Coverage @ GruntvillE
"Think of high-end gaming machines by Alienware fitted with Athlon64 3400's and FX-51's paired with an Asus SK8N, 1GB or more of memory, nVidia 5950 Ultra's, 80GB SATA drives with a huge LCD monitor and these machines are loaded with the latest and hottest games in the industry. As if that weren't enough, you're surrounded by more LCD monitors attached to an X-Box each with all of the latest console games loaded and ready for you to push start."

More information on article can be found here.
Thermalright SP-97 Review @ Steamed Turtle
"After a bit more pain on my part, more great service from Thermalright, and a slightly longer wait, the SP-97 Socket A cooling solution is here for all to see. We'll be evaluating its performance in regards to overclocking(hence, cooling performance), along with (once again) general impressions of the quality and other relevant aspects of the product."

More information on review can be found here.
Scythe Kamakaze Intel/AMD Performance CPU Cooler Review @ Tweaknews
"Scythe has created a powerful, yet quiet CPU cooler. I kept it installed on the Albatron PX875P Pro while I was working on that review, pushed that board hard, and was happy to see that the CPU temperatures were well-controlled. I just kept the Kamakaze on high, and despite the fact that this testbed was in my open Lubic case, I never felt that the noise was a nuisance. If anything, I would occasionally forget it was on high and reach over to the speed control thinking I'd forgotten to crank it up (as I sometimes did with my Thermaltake Volcano 12)."

More information on review can be found here.
ATI Radeon 9800 XT 256MB Review @ Hexus
"The ATI Radeon 9800 XT 256MB card is a fine proposition for the enthusiast that wants the best gaming experience right now. ABIT, however, does not do enough to justify a price premium over other reference-like cards. We're glad that ABIT has decided to shack up with ATI, but we're miffed as to why it missed an opportunity at marketing the must-have 9800 XT."

More information on review can be found here.
ATI Interview with Terry Makedon @ Legit Reviews
"Today we have a special treat for all our readers out there. We got the chance to have an interview with Terry Makedon from ATI! Terry is in charge of most all decisions that go into each release of ATI's Catalyst Graphics Drivers, but that didn't stop us from asking him about items not related to graphics drivers."

More information on interview can be found here.
Giga-Byte Cooler-ULTRA Review @ NextGen Electronics
"The 360 degree architecture , 4-way heat pipe technology, and dual inlet central-blower combine to make the Giga-Byte Cooler-ULTRA one of the best CPU cooling solutions we have ever seen. The usefulness is very high, and the longevity of the product is VERY high since you can move this CPU cooler to any type of platform."

More information on review can be found here.
GlobalWin Silent Stream Review @ Techware Labs
"As overlocking has become more and more popular, finding ways to dissipate additional heat has become more complex. Enter watercooling. Globalwin claims to have solved the common problems of difficult installation and excess noise with their Silent Stream Kit."

More information on review can be found here.
SimpleTech Nitro PC4000 1GB Matched Pair Kit @ The Crucible
"What more can I say. SimpleTech a name I had never heard of blindsided me with the fastest ram I have ever tested. I think the Nitro line is a real winner. The price is about $50 (CDN) cheaper than any competing brands, and you don't need to pump massive amounts of voltage into it. SimpleTech must have some kind of magic chips in their factories because I have never seen the likes of anything like this before."

More information on review can be found here.
OCZ PC4000 EL Gold 1GB Dual Channel Memory Kit Review @ System Cooling
"If you're a fan of fast memory, then you probably know about OCZ Technology. Like many memory makers, they've had their ups and downs in the market, but these days, OCZ memory is on most enthusiasts' short list of the fastest memory around. Today, we're taking a look at one of OCZ's faster offerings, their EL PC4000 Dual Channel Gold Kit. Designed with the overclocker in mind, this memory is rated to run at 250 MHz speeds, and we're going to see if it can do that, or even better."

More information on review can be found here.
Yeong Yang YY-W201 Pedestal Server Case @ The Crucible
"Buying the right parts for your PC only makes sense. Buying the right parts for a server can mean the difference between making or losing thousands of dollars. When picking server parts, you don't want to over look what may be the most critical, and least thought about part. The case. Choosing the wrong case could lead you down the road to hardware failures. It is very important to find a case with certain thermal guide lines."

More information on review can be found here.
ABIT AN7 Motherboard Review @ LAN Addict
"In enthusiast circles there are a few company names you’ll hear most often. One of those happens to be ABIT Computer Corporation, or more simply, ABIT. While ABIT has been around since the late 80’s, they first popped up on enthusiast’s radar in 1996 when they introduced Soft Menu™ to the world. Moving forward they released a number of boards as well as the famous BH6. The BH6 put ABIT on the map as one of the top manufacturer’s for enthusiasts and overclockers alike. Today we’ll be taking a look at a board with another milestone, ABIT’s AN7 with their new µGuru™ feature."

More information on review can be found here.
Antec Overture Review @ HTPC News
"After reviewing the second revision of the SilverStone LC03 (LC03-VFD), what better review to follow than Antec's revision of the popular Overture? HTPCNews looks deep to see if Antec listened to what all the reviewers had to say and we have some interesting results. Check and see if they listened as well as Silverstone did."

More information on review can be found here.
Antec Patently Upset @ Bit-Tech
"If you haven't been following this story, it all kicked off last Thursday, when Overclocker Café posted this letter from Scott Richards, worldwide VP for Sales & Marketing at Antec. Sent to authorised Antec resellers, the letter which cites patent 6,679,771 for a “cooling fan with light-emitting device" as evidence that Antec alone had the rights to this product. The letter discouraged resellers from stocking non-Antec LED fans."

This is a very intelligent article which examines the Antec patent dispute on LED fans. More information on article can be found here.
Silverstone Temjin TJ03 Nimiz Case Review @ Virtual-Hideout
"When we talk about the high end chassis market segment, names like Coolermaster, Lian Li, Soldam, Superflower, Chieftec, Chenming, Beantech etc comes to mind. These folks collectively have designed some of the most-used computer chassis in the world. They are used by not only the high rollers where money is no object, but also by the enthusiasts market at large for either their stylish and elegant design, excellent construction, available space and whatever reasons we can find to justify spending top dollars for them. Some have even been adopted as a standard case for the high end OEM markets, especially in the US and Europe. Although we've all been familiar with the companies above, a new start up in Taiwan named SilverstoneTek has quietly entered the market and making the other players and the PC users stand up and take note with their current product line and today we'll be taking a look at their current "STAR" case, the Temjin TJ03 Nimiz Case."

More information on review can be found here.
Saturday, April 10, 2004
Trust 751B 5.1 Silverline Headphones @ Pirate Software
"Out of all the headphones I've looked at, used and wanted these are truly the most impressive out of all of them. It's also the most impressive product I've looked at from Trust. Yes, it could be said that I actually really do love these headphones. Have you ever seen me this enthusiastic about a product like this before? Go get yourself a pair!"

More information on this review can be found here.
Corsair XMS 4400 Review @ Legit Reviews
"With the upcoming launch of DDR II motherboards it is safe to assume that DDR550 may be one of the last major speed grades available in DDR I from Corsair memory as they shift their attention to DDR II."

More information on this review can be found here.
Glowing Zephyr Mouse Pad @ The Modfathers
"Living out here in California in the United States the temperatures often soar up into the 100's °F daily. One problem I am faced with is the "sweaty hand" syndrome. It appears that after hours of gaming, writing articles, doing web work and just plain general mousing, my hand tends to develop amongst other things considerable amounts of perspiration. So enter the Zephyr Pad."

More information on this project can be found here.
BFG Tech GeForceFX 5900XT OC Review @ [H]ardOCP
"BFG’s new video card we have for review today is their GeForceFX 5900XT OC. If you have read our MSI FX5900XT Review you will know what a 5900XT is. If you haven’t, here are the Cliff's Notes version. The NVIDIA GeForceFX 5900XT is based off of the same technology as the 5900 and the 5900Ultra GPU (NV35 core). The 5900XT is the least expensive of the 5900 series line being outperformed by the other 5900s. What makes it different from the 5900 and 5900Ultra is that it is a single slot solution with a re-designed PCB to reduce costs and combined with less expensive RAM."

More information on this review can be found here.

Overclocking the Prescott 2.4A

"When the Pentium 4 processor's new 90nm "Prescott" core was introduced to us, Intel outlined an entire line-up of new CPU SKUs. As we always tend to look at things from an enthusiast standpoint, there was one that really caught our eye. This CPU was the Pentium 4 "2.8A". It was a Prescott CPU with a 533MHz (Quad Pumped 133MHz) Front Side Bus. It was however missing Intel HyperThreading technology."

More information on this review can be found here.
ATI Radeon 9600XT vs. NVIDIA GeForceFX 5900XT @ Legion Hardware
"Well there you have it, two of the best value solutions currently available, but which is better? There is no denying the fact that NVIDIA's GeForceFX 5900XT is a faster solution, but at what cost. The Radeon 9600XT is at least $30 US cheaper and cannot be matched by the GeForceFX 5900XT for visual quality. Given what we have just seen, it's difficult to pick a real winner. It comes down to what the user finds more valuable, to determine which solution is best for them."

More information on this review can be found here.
Swiftech MCX-6400-V Heatsink Review @ System Cooling
"We all know Swiftech is no stranger to the high performance cooling industry. Whether it's air-cooling or water cooling Swiftech has always been able to provide a top of the line cooling solution. And as technology, socket and mounting requirements change so does Swiftech's product. Today we are going to take a look at the Swiftech MCX-6400-V designed for the new AMD Athlon64."

More information on this review can be found here.
Asus SK8V Motherboard Review @ Hexus
"If you're new to the market and know you want FX-5x (53 is going to be avaliable to buy soon), wait for the K8T800 Pro version if you want to overclock. If you don't, the SK8V is probably the best enthusiast level Socket 940 board on the market."

More information on this review can be found here.
Millennium Falcon PC Redefined @ PCUnleash
"If you have heard of Star wars, you probably know what Millennium Falcon is. It’s one of the fastest and versatile ships in Starwars trilogy. Well, a ingenious modder has brought this monster back to life. And, this is not just a mod, but one of the most innovative mod I’ve ever seen. Let’s see how this beauty will turn in to."

Sweet case! More information on this project can be found here.
Custom PC Cases @ Kat's Land
"Katsuya Matsumura has taken Anime to a whole new level with an assortment of custom built DIY PC Cases. These custom case projects are built to full scale and offer a unique perspective of case modificaton."

More information on these DIY case projects can be found here.
Swiftech H20-8500 Series Water Cooling Kit Review @ Extreme Overclocking
"With increased heat being generated by new generation processors, and the noise produced by standard air-cooling solutions, enthusiasts and overclockers must look to specialty cooling setups to meet their needs. When a balance between very efficient cooling, low noise level, and reasonable cost is needed, water cooling is the only way to go. The Swiftech H20-8500 Water Cooling Kit that has been designed with these needs in mind, and offers great ease of installation and use."

More information on this review can be found here.
MTB's take on Antec's Intellectual Property Dispute @ Overclockers Cafe
By now everyone is familiar with the LED Fan dispute first reported by Overclocker's Cafe that Antec is claiming patent to the LED fan design. The first report covered legal notices that were being distributed by Antec's legal attorneys dated April 1st, 2004 regarding their assertions that fans with LEDs are their intellectual property. I won't go into how ridiculous this dispute is since everyone knows that the original LED fan concept was invented by the case modding community and shared in an open public forum. It is not surprising that there are companies who claim to have come up with original product ideas that were ripped off from the case modding community.

We have seen this happen time and time again, especially with companies based outside of North America. The lack of originality has gotten so bad that there are a few nameless companies that will go so far to rip off other marketed ideas for profit gain. I'm not sure how this situation will pan out, but I know if Antec is smart they will tread very lightly in order to avoid any backlash. Overclocker's Cafe did have a follow up call with Antec in the last two days but it seems that the conversation was one sided with the company acknowledging that the original idea was not theirs.

More information on the first report from Overclocker's Cafe can be found here.
MTB Gallery Back Online!
After suffering our server and HD crash which put the site out operation for 48 hours last week, I'm pleased to announce that MTB Case Gallery is back online. With the re-launch of the gallery, we are looking for submissions. If you have a case that you would love to have showcased on MTB, all you need to do is apply for a gallery account and upload your case photos. The process for applying for an account is very easy.

More information on the MTB Gallery can be found here.
Friday, April 9, 2004
Project Hi-Octane: Part One @ Pheaton
"Silicon graphics make some of the best graphics workstations around and the design of their cases are as innovative as any other production case made. The proprietary hardware and software used to make the SGI units graphical powerhouses is not exactly compatible with normal PC hardware, therefore I have decided to convert my little green workstation in to a water cooled gaming powerhouse."

More information on this project can be found here.
Project Solaris @
"I have to admit after starting modding with a generic case, I thought I'd be able to settle with a premod if it was a decent case. Shortly after switching from my first case to an Antec Plusview I found that I just didnt get on with having a case that had such small potential for modification. So, it was new case time again, with a few hundred to spend, I also thought it time to upgrade to watercooling to take full advantage of the thoroughbred-b I had in the post at the time."

More information on this project can be found here.
OCZ EL DDR PC-3700 Dual Channel Kit Review @ Viper Lair
"The OCZ EL DDR PC-3700 Dual Channel Kit has performed very well for the intended market. They easily reach 240FSB (higher than their rating) while not having to loosen timings. They reach 250FSB with a little timing and voltage adjustment while maintaining that needed 1:1 FSB ratio for Pentuim systems."

More information on this review can be found here.
Arctic-Cooling VGA Silencer Review @ Bit-Tech
"The kit comprises a cooler, a dual plate with a switch (High and Low settings), a earthing plate, some Heat Transfer Compound and the rear retention clip. The included instructions are sufficiently straight forward.
The card is two card slots wide, so expect to lose use of the first PCI slot on your motherboard. This also means that the idea of fitting it onto a Small Factor Case like a Shuttle is not good as you will lose the only PCI slot available (that's if it even fits in your particular model). The sheer quantity of metal and a channel that blows the warm air straight out of the case make it the size it is."

More information on this review can be found here.
Geil Mushkin OCZ PC3x00 AMD Performance Review @ Madshrimps
"The world has moved on, as they say. If you have an AMD setup and you want new low latency memory you have to start searching hard. The once widely available BH-5 which claimed the top spot in many overclockers' wish lists, is no more. In search for the next best thing we have here today a variety of memory modules which were send to us for review."

More information on this review can be found here.
ATI Radeon 9800XT Video Card Review @ 3DXtreme
"Currently the ATI Radeon 9800XT is the video card hardcore gamers should have. Without a doubt this card is the best of the best right now. There were some spots where the 5950 may have benchmarked higher, however when it came to real game play the ATI Radeon 9800XT was always smoother and the frame rates didn't show the drops the 5950 did."

More information on this review can be found here.
ABIT AI7 Motherboard Review @ myWorldHardware
"If you're looking for a reliable i865 solution with the extra bells and whistles, AI7 certainly gets our recommendation! Installation was hassle free and running it was rock solid. When it comes to overclocking, the AI7 never fails to impress like its IS7 predecessor."

More information on this review can be found here.
Chaintech Apogee AA5700U FX5700 Ultra Videocard w/ DDR2 Review @ Tweaknews
"The AA5700U has impressed me from the initial glance to the final repackaging back into its product box. It looks great, is very well built, has great looking and performing cooling solution and overclocks like a Teddy Ruxpin on a car battery. You just can't get a better package. Plus we haven't even mentioned the crazy amount of bundled software or the included cables."

More information on this review can be found here.
Thursday, April 8, 2004
CeBIT Wrap-Up 2004: Explosive Labs goes to Germany
"There was quite a lot happening at this year's event covering the changing thing which is the desktop PC. However, on other fronts there wasn't as much action. Intel had plenty to offer on their future roadmap, DDR2 and PCI Express were all the rage, and there were even hints of BTX. There were working samples DDR2 and PCI Express so we now know the future is not too far off. The new Intel chipsets codenamed Grantsdale-P/G and Alderwood were every where and so were a supporting cast of VIA's PT890 and SiS's 656. Even though Intel was making all the noise, AMD was not completely quiet as they are transitioning over to Socket 939 for their high-end CPUs."

More information on this report can be found here.
Highpoint e.SATA Pocket Kit Video Review @ 3DGameman
"The Highpoint e.SATA Pocket Kit is an excellent product for backup and/or to use as your main boot device. Performance is excellent and it's much faster than 2.5" external HDD USB2 and Firewire enclosures. The e.SATA Pocket Kit has everything needed; however, if your motherboard doesn't have a SATA connection then the affordable R1511 is required."

More information on this video review can be found here.
Enermax Noisetaker PSU Review @ Overclockers Cafe
"The Enermax Noisetaker certainly lives up to it's name. This is without a doubt, the quietest power supply I have seen. I unplugged the fans one at a time while the system was running (including the heatsink fan, don't' try THAT one at home) until only the OTES fan was running, and I still could barely hear the PSU fans running."

More information on this review can be found here.
Kingwin Aluminum Thermal Center Review Review @ Hardware Pacers
"The fan indicator to the right of the RPM displays if the fan is not spinning, spinning normally or spinning at full speed. On the left of the RPM, it displays if power is provided to the Thermal Center and if the HDD is active. The display changes every five seconds and to change what the LCD is displaying, the user has to push the Up or Down buttons. Furthermore, Kingwin Thermal Center adjusts the fan speed by providing only a certain voltage towards the fans at distinct temperatures."

More information on this review can be found here.
AOpen AK89-L Motherboard Review @ Neoseeker
"The AK86 does not skimp on the performance front. For most tests it was faster than the Nforce 3 based Gigabyte and in Call of Duty it trounced the K8NNXP thoroughly but in most of our testing situations it did not seem that the faster HyperTransport bus speed made a huge difference. This is especially true in the synthetic and office type benchmarks where the benchmark results were fairly similar between the two boards."

More information on this review can be found here.
HIS Excalibur 9600 Dual DVI Review @ Viper Lair
"The HIS Excalibur 9600 was no slouch when it came to game benchmarking. The 9600 basically tied the FX5600 Turbo, winning two benchmarks, losing two and tying one. AA/AF performance was much better on the 9600 than the FX5600."

More information on this review can be found here.
AOpen AX4SG-MaxII Motherboard Review @ Legit Reviews
"The AOpen AS4XG-MAXII motherboard comes armed with the i865G chipset with onboard graphics, but don't let integrated graphics let you think that this board is weak! This board is one of the most feature filled i865G boards on the market and the overclocking performance turned out to be much better than expected!"

More information on this review can be found here.
Asetek WaterChill System Review @ A1-Electronics
"Straight off the bat we can see that the Asetek WaterChill system has done very well indeed only beaten by our Aquarius III when it is using the additional external radiator. The Asetek WaterChill can also be improved by adding more radiators as can any water cooled heatsink system."

More information on this review can be found here.
MSI 875P NEO FIS2R Motherboard Review @ GruntvillE
"In a nutshell the 875P was designed from the ground up to take advantage of the latest technology from Serial ATA RAID to the 800mhz FSB of the Pentium IV “C” chips. Toss in Gigabit Ethernet, Dual Channel DDR400, USB2 and Hyper-Threading and you have one very impressive and complete chipset. Now it’s time to take a look at how Abit decided to implement all these features and technologies in the IC7-G."

More information on this review can be found here.
iMON Home Theater PC Remote @ PCUnleash
"Home Theater PC's aren't just cool, but efficient as well! Well, I am not too sure about you, but I don't want to use just a plain old keyboard and mouse, they really don't fit the "home theater" look. Luckily Ahanix has come to the rescue! They released their iMON pc remote, that basically enables you to use the remote to cover your mouse and keyboard. Impress your friends when they ask "Where is the mouse and keyboard?" Easy and fast to install, the iMON is loaded with features just at your fingertips!"

More information on this review can be found here.
Snap Appliance Snap Server 1100 Review @ Designtechnica
"There is a fantastic simplicity to the Snap Server 1100. Small businesses and home users alike will appreciate the Snap Server's easy installation, minimialistic exterior design and excellent performance. Setting up the Snap Server could hardly be any easier and the system can quickly be configured with tight corporate security or a more relaxed level of security for a home-network. Price may be the only limiting factor for some home users since at over $530 for an 80GB drive, there are certainly much cheaper solutions. However, the added security, backup features and ability to effortlessly transfer files between several operating systems will appeal to many users interested in protecting their data across a network."

More information on this review can be found here.
Biostar IDEQ 200T Review @ Enscape
"The only minor low points for me were the failure of the CPU fan, and the subsequent difficulty I had in finding a replacement, and the fact that the case ventilation is a little inadequate."

More information on this review can be found here.
Z-Alien PC Gamer Case Review @ TrueXtreme
"When this case arrived I was like a kid in a candy store dying to tear it open and see what this case was all about. I was not prepared for what was inside. This case is beautiful! I have customized many cases from basic Antec towers to full blown Prometeia kits but this case is different. All the hard work was done sparing me the risk of any errors or mistakes I might have done myself. A-TOP must have been listening to its users for years as this case has every mod I have ever thought of doing either out of want or need and then some."

More information on this review can be found here.
AOpen EZ65 Barebones System Review @ Overclockers Cafe
"The only thing I can even think of how to improve the unit might be case venting on the side directly over where an AGP card would be placed to ensure cool operation of an add in high end card. A quick note to further illustrate the size of the unit can be made in my telling you that Graham carries his EZ65 from place to place in a book bag."

More information on this review can be found here.
Wednesday, April 7, 2004
Logitech MX510 Mouse Review @ OCIA
"One big feature I haven't mentioned is its amazing paint job. Not only does it have a high gloss finish, but the design has a cool ripple effect which actually changes slightly depending on the viewing angle. My model came in red, although I took a look at Logitech's website, which shows a blue model is also available."

More information on this review can be found here.
HIS Excalibur 9600 Dual DVI Review @ Viper Lair
"The HIS Excalibur 9600 was no slouch when it came to game benchmarking. The 9600 basically tied the FX5600 Turbo, winning two benchmarks, losing two and tying one. AA/AF performance was much better on the 9600 than the FX5600."

More information on this review can be found here.
Bluetake BT400 GII Bluetooth Headset Review @ Envy News
"The BT400 GII’s larger size allows it to house a great battery that’s comparable to the talk and standby time of most cellular phones. It can also be placed on either ear and also ships with an additional ear hook should the first one be damaged. The microphone’s extension places it closer to the source, yet allows it to be protected and tucked away when not in use. BlueTake’s included PC Phone Suite provides some useful mobile phone functions such as SMS functionality, incoming call alert and the ability to use the PC’s microphone and speakers for the call. PC compatibility allows the BT400 GII to be used as a wireless microphone as well."

More information on this review can be found here.
M-Audio Revolution 7.1 Sound Card Review @ System Cooling
"I know that some of you may be asking what in the heck is doing with a soundcard review. Well, can you get any cooler than having great music or audio from the latest DVD pouring out of your computer? What would be cooler than knowing someone is sneaking up from behind and to the right in the latest first person shooter? All of this and more can be delivered by a good soundcard. Today we're taking a look at the latest offering from M-Audio, the Revolution 7.1. Does it achieve a cool factor worthy of our faithful readers? Let's crank things up and find out!"

More information on this review can be found here.
SilverStone Technology ST46F PFC 460W Power Supply Review @ 3DXtreme
"Today 3DXtreme has the pleasure of reviewing SilverStone Technology's ST46F Active PFC 460W Power Supply. SilverStone Technology has been building a name designing quality computer cases and power supplies. It's important with the ever increasing needs of newer hardware that a power supply be able to provide a large amount of power and stable voltages. We shall soon find out whether SilverStone Technology is able to deliver a power supply that meets these needs."

More information on this review can be found here.
StarTech 480 Watt Silent PSU Review @ Techware Labs
"Techware Labs recently had the StarTech 480 Watt Silent PSU in the lab to see if it meets the increasing demands for power that current systems require. This is one of StarTech's specialized models that boasts silence in addition to high output. The quality of the power being supplied to the components in your system is more important than most users realize. A poor quality power supply can cause many problems and in some cases can even destroy system hardware."

More information on this review can be found here.
SanDisk 1GB Extreme CompactFlash Type I Memory Card Review @ Bjorn3D
"If all you want is 1GB of CF storage, then you don't really need to consider the Extreme card. On the other hand, if you demand the best (including awesome performance in cameras, top of the line speed in your reader, and great extras), then you'd be remiss not to take a closer look at the Extreme line. The 1GB SanDisk Extreme CF card is one of those items that stands out from the crowd for good reasons, but it also stands out because of its price (at least to the Average Joe photographer)."

More information on this review can be found here.
Enermax EG475AX-VE(W) Noisetaker Review @ Extreme Overclocking
"Every once in a while gearheads like myself will happen across a bit of hardware that just makes them smile ear to ear. This is one of those days, we'll be reviewing the 470 watt offering from Enermax's improved Noisetaker line. This line offers the types of features and quality that the most demanding users desire. From dual 12V rails, to SATA connectors, to a separate 4-pin connector for high-end video cards, this power supply does it all and more."

More information on this review can be found here.
80GB Snap Appliance Snap Server 1100 Review @ BigBruin
"While taking up considerably less space than a shoebox, this little device seamlessly allows users to add additional storage to any network in less than five minutes. Today we review the Snap Appliance 80GB Snap Server 1100. This compact NAS (network attached storage) device has many great features including: 5 minute installation, a compact web and ftp server, or simply a network share. Most importantly it works in a network mixed with Windows, Netware, UNIX, Linux, and Macintosh machines."

More information on this review can be found here.
Super Flower SF-609F Fan Controller Review @ Madshrimps
"The question I raised to myself was; why do I need one? It would be like after jacking up my engine output only to put a fuel limiter so that it won't go as fast. Well, not exactly, the rheobus acts as a throttle cable or linkage so that one could dial up or down the speed according to the traffic pattern."

More information on this review can be found here.
Chieftec BX Series Mid-Tower Case Review @
"Looking at the inside of the front door, we can see that it's well ventilated. Hard to see in the picture, but present, is a removable filter. This is part of why the front center panels are removable to access this filter. At the four corners can be seen the tabs needed to be worked with to access it."

More information on this review can be found here.
RazerX microATX Case Review @ Whnining Dog
"The RazerX microATX case is a design that will truly turn heads. Love it or hate it, the looks will make you stare! However once you dig into the guts of the chassis, you'll soon discover that all is not well despite the exterior appearances."

More information on this review can be found here.
Tuesday, April 6, 2004
POC Special: Coverage From Flashmob I @ PimpedOutCases
"FM1 fell short of its intended goal, but everyone had a lot of fun participating. And most importantly, the day ended with a free LAN party! LAN gaming over a 10 gigabit ethernet is about as swank as it gets, and everyone had fun gaming into the night."

More information on this event can be found here.
Sapphire 9600 Pro All-In-Wonder Review @
"The battle for the number one position on the video card market is not about only about speed anymore. The features that you get with that speed are also a very important subject. Today we are testing the Sapphire 9600 Pro All-In-Wonder."

More information on this review can be found here.
Thermal Integration P4 Cooler Pair Review @ Overclockers Cafe
"A close look reveals that the five center fins, copper, are quite a bit thicker than the rest. This will allow for greater heat absorption from the center of the CPU. Turning the sink over, we see that the base, while at first appearing to be solid copper, is not."

More information on this review can be found here.
Vantec Aeroflow 2 Heatsink Review @ Overclockers Club
"I have to admit I expected the Aeroflow 2 to deliver slightly lower temps than the Aero7+, but this was not the case. Nothing really excited me with the Aeroflow 2 unlike the Aeroflow that got much of its hype from its T.M.D fan. At 35dbA it's not the quietest fan I've seen but falls into the middle of the pack. I guess I just had to high of hopes for the Aeroflow2, now don't get me wrong the Aeroflow2 is a solid heatsink with a good price vs. performance ratio just nothing really stood out at me."

More information on this review can be found here.
HIS Excalibur 9600XT Turbo VIVO Review @ The Tech Zone
"Well here we have our third and final mid-range card, HIS's Excalibur 9600XT Turbo. This card appears to have great potential to lead the pack with its overclocked (hence the Turbo label) memory coming as a standard feature. Along with stock overclocked memory, the Excalibur comes with memory heatsinks and a slick blue LED fan. The Excalibur also has VIVO capabilities for you video recording fanatics."

More information on this review can be found here.
Albatron PX875P Pro Canterwood Motherboard Review @ Tweaknews
"I've been running this Albatron board for several weeks now, having conducted quite a few stress tests and benchmarks, not to mention real world use and of course some gaming. It hasn't faltered once, and I've been fairly impressed with it. The board is exceptionally well laid out, and pleasing to the eye. From a technical perspective, it offers many nice features and is Prescott ready. It has some very good (albeit slightly hampered) overclocking options, and having been able to keep it stable at 266 FSB for a couple weeks without a single issue or reboot, I must say that I am impressed."

More information on this review can be found here.
Albatron GeForceFX 5900XTV Video Card Review @ Legion Hardware
"The performance of the Albatron FX5900XTV was impressive to say the least and when it came to overclocking this card really came into its own. Increasing both the core and memory frequencies brought the card up to FX5900 Ultra speeds. This kind of performance is just not expected from a sub $200 US graphics card. When overclocked the FX5900XTV slaughtered the FX5700 Ultra by more than 150fps in the UT2003 test. Even at the standard clock frequency there was over 100fps favoring the FX5900XTV."

More information on this review can be found here.
ATI All In Wonder 9600XT Review @ NextGen Electronics
"The ATI All In Wonder 9600XT is a fantastically performing video card that offers all the features that a power computer user could possibly want all at a price that we can all afford. ATI should be commended for developing the XT edition of this card that offers new hardware specs which equate into faster performance."

More information on this review can be found here.
Pinnacle ShowCenter Box Review @
"In this review, we present a multimedia box, the Pinnacle ShowCenter. The box can play your PCs digital movies, music and pictures on your TV. More about the very nice product you can read in this review."

More information on this review can be found here.
New Close Out Sale @ Lux Design
"MTB has received word that Lux Design is closing it's operations in the modding and water cooling sector. Right now EVERYTHING is 40% off. All that is required is to enter the coupon code rebate40 during the checkout process to have the rebate applied. This sale will continue until all the inventory is gone. Happy shopping!"

More information on this sale can be found here.
Build a Home Theater PC - Part I @ Voided Warranty
"I was going to use spare parts I had laying around to build the HTPC, but after testing it with the software package I decided to use, the hardware just didn't measure up to the standards I wanted. This is the way to go if you want to have a really functional Home Theater System."

This is a pretty good guide that goes into detail about configuring myHTPC which is the package I currently use for my own HTPC system. More information on this guide can be found here.
April High-end Gaming PC Buyer's Guide @ Sharky Extreme
"The purpose behind this guide is to give you a general idea of what kind of high-end gaming PC is possible with a budget of $2500. While the individual components are top notch, we take a look at the larger picture, and decide which pieces meld together the best to form the highest performing, feature-rich gaming PC possible. We recommend configurations for both the Intel and AMD sides of the spectrum, and are not here to promote one platform over the other."

More information on this guide can be found here.
Safer Computing Guide @ ASE Labs
"The modern PC is one of the most versatile and useful tools around, and is an irreplaceable part of one's business. Unfortunately, as computers have become more and more commonplace, so have the security risks: viruses, spyware, spam, and the like are in full-force and are doing their best to bring your PC down and ruin your week."

More information on this guide can be found here.
Ahanix Plasma mATX Case Review @ PimpRig
"The need for a stylish case is becoming a necessity. Since not everyone is a case modder, or have the required skill, people want to be able to buy a well designed case that looks good. Case designs are improving by the day. Everyone wants to be different and stylish. High gloss paint, a fancy window cutout, or a designed front bezel, premod cases are becoming more and more ubiquitous. The beige box has just plain disappeared. More companies are showing up with new cases that have a look and style all their own."

More information on this review can be found here.
The Smallest Home Made PC Project @ PCUnleash
"Dae hoon, Nam has made an excellent Mini PC. By looking at it, I don't think I have seen a home made computer smaller than this. Nam, used AutoCAD to design the layout. A laser was used to cut out the acrylic and make the case more durable and efficient, he constructed 3 visible layers. No modification to the motherboard was applied, except that the power supply connectors had to be taken out, so the board will fit into the case."

Nice work! More information on this project can be found here.

Monthly PC Recommendation List

"Building a computer isn't just a hobby, its an art. And with art comes skill, the more skill you have, the better looking your finished piece looks and works with each other. It can take many months or years for that matter to master this skill. The skill to make sure the colors flow with each other, or in computer language, the skill to make sure your components work flawlessly with each other. We here at PCUNLEASH, feel as though we will give you a cheat sheet to master this skill. We will make these computers run Doom III and HL2 especially."

Nice work! More information on this article can be found here.
Hoojum Cubit 3T Review @ Spode's Abode
"What makes the the Cubit range of cases so different from any other on the market, is the chassis is one solid peice of 5mm alumunium. This makes the case rather heavy, but incredibly strong. It has the added bonus of being able to give the case rather sexy curved corners."

More information on this review can be found here.
Monday, April 5, 2004
VPC-1000 DVD/MP3/CD/FM Multimedia Hub Review @ Voided Warranty
"Voided Warranty got the chance to check out the hype on the VPC-1000 Multimedia Hub. The VPC-1000 gives you the ability to play music cd's, watch DVD's and even listen to your favorite radio stations."

More information on this review can be found here.
Interview with Corsair @ Viper Lair
"DDR2 solves a lot of signal integrity issues at high clock speeds. By cleaning up some of the signaling issues and reducing noise in the IC's and in the module DDR2 can scale up to much higher clock speeds. It will have immediate appeal to gamers and enthusiasts, thanks in part to other great new features on the coming generation of chipsets."

More information on this interview can be found here.

Corsair and Kingston Ram Giveaway

Up for grabs is 1GB (2x512MB) of Corsair TWINX PC4400 for the winner, and 512MB (1x512MB) of Kingston ValueRam PC3200 for the runner-up. Shipping is on me if the winner is in North America (you pay if outside Canada/USA), and contest is open worldwide. Rules are simple, it's all about NHL predictions."

More information on this contest can be found here.
The 64-bit Desktop and You @ Short-Media
"Coming to grips with "64-bit and you" is a challenge for the average PC user. Most people use a pc but they don't understand it. This is a layman's guide to 64-bit. It doesn't get mired in the technical double-speak. It won't finish the 64-bit debate one way or the other. Most certainly there will be some broad strokes. This is the middle ground between "I don't know" and "That's too much".

More information on this review can be found here.
PowerColor Radeon9800XT Video Card Review @ GruntvillE
"The large fan on the sexy heat sink is the first thing to catch your eye. The copper airflow channels and the silk screened generator-like image flank the large fan. The ATI classic red board serves as a nice background. The HSF covers not only the GPU but also the memory. The fan works as an intake and blows air through the copper channels under the silk screen. The nice part is that it only takes up the AGP slot and doesn't interfere with the PCI slots."

More information on this review can be found here.
Super Flower SF-561T2-BT Case Review @ Tech Angel
"As you can see from the previous pictures this is quite a large case boasting five 5.25" drive bays and three 3.5" bays makes it larger than most standard mid-towers (which tend to have only four or even three of the larger bays). It is positively cavernous inside, partly thanks to it's physical size but also a great deal to do with some clever design. The internal design is very reminiscent of a Lian Li case, even down to the removable hard disk rack at the lower front of the case. Looking at it alongside my PC60 it's clear that there was some inspiration there this is definately no bad thing, since the lian li cases follow an excellent design."

More information on this review can be found here.

Alphacool NexXxoS HP Pro Socket A Water Block Review

"My first foray into watercooling helped me overcome the fear of mixing water with electronics and since then my primary rig has been watercooled 24 hours a day. Until a short while ago I was still using the block from the Cool Sprinter kit but now I've been sent this Alphacool NexXxoS HP Pro block by the lovely folk at Until quite recently the NexXxoS HP Pro (HP Pro from now on) was top of the rankings at watercoolplanet but has since been topped (by a tiny margin) by a different block. We can still assume that this should be one the top performing designs of block around at the moment, let's see if it lives up to it's hype and potential."

More information on this review can be found here.
ShinyShuttle with English Custom Polishing Review @ MetkuMods
"When I started to process it was my first contact to polishing. This is my first piece that I have polished and as you can see it turned out great. I hope that this proves that you don't have to be a professional to get the same results. A combination of good quality polishing products and instructions from the manufacturer's site will get you there. As they say at their site; "The Finest Metal Polishes In The World", is now something that I can agree with."

More information on this review can be found here.
Raidmax Scorpio 868 Mid Tower Case Review @ Whining Dog
"The case is beautifully designed (great for those of you looking for a premodded case), affordably priced, and wonderfully crafted. We highly recommend that you take a look at this product when shopping for your next PC case."

More information on this review can be found here.
Aluminum vs. Steel Cases - Cooler or Not? @ System Cooling
"Everybody knows about the benefits of aluminum computer cases. Ask anybody who's ever toted a big steel mid-tower to a LAN party, and they'll give one good reason to own an aluminum case - weight. At less than a third of the weight for a given mass, aluminum has it all over steel when it comes to ease of lugging. There's also the looks factor. Very often, aluminum cases just look a lot more trick than a boring steel box. Then there's temperatures. An aluminum case cools your system much better than a comparable steel case. Or does it? I had the means to find out, so that's exactly what I did."

More information on this article can be found here.
Project Metropolis @ The Best Case Scenario
"Project Metropolis is a PC display designed for Via Technologies to showcase their latest Mini ITX mainboard offering. Project Metropolis and their new product will be revealed at the CEBIT event in Hanover, Germany later this month. Metropolis is inspired by the 1926 Fritz Lang classic film of the same name.The concept is to place their mainboard among impressionistic replicas of the famous buildings and architecture of the city of Metropolis."

Amazing work! More information on this project can be found here.
Crystalfontz CFA631 LCD Review @ Virtual-Hideout
"CD screens aren't exactly new in the computer world. They've been around for years, and even come in a rainbow of colors. That being said it has been a while since anything new and revolutionary has come to the LCD department. It appears the guys at Crystalfontz have done just that. The CFA-631 has something that sets it apart from any other LCD on the market. What is this you might ask? Crystalfontz has managed to fit a 20x2 LCD and four buttons into a package small enough to fit into one 3.5" bay. This is an amazing accomplishment, and is especially useful for people running small form factor boxes and have
limited expansion room, like myself."

More information on this review can be found here.
Saturday, April 3, 2004
Bluetake BT500 Bluetooth Mouse Review @ Hardware Pacers
"BlueTake has constructed a masterpiece combining the elegance of smooth cursor control with the ruggedness that is rudimentary for any portable mouse or Bluetooth device. The BT009X Bluetooth Device is an innovative USB Hub that allows connection to the mouse and to any other Bluetooth device available."

More information on this review can be found here.
SilverstoneTek FMC3XW 120mm Fan Reviews @ SweetMods
"Today we are going to take a look at SilverStone's FMC3XW 120mm fan. This fan would look great in almost any case and it stands out so much from the plain old black fans. The fan lowered both the case and processor temperatures by quite a lot. When the 120mm fan is on low you can't hear it even running."

More information on this review can be found here.
Logitech Dual Action Gamepad Review @ Designtechnica
"While the Logitech Dual Action Controller appears to be the perfect game pad for the PC and will definitely appeal to those on a budget, we have to warn you to stay away from it. The problems we experienced after a week of testing were not isolated to our three test game pads and people all over the Internet are reporting the same issues."

More information on this review can be found here.
Raidmax 400w Blue Aluminum PSU Review @ OCIA
"We recently touched on a sleeper PSU that didn't look all that hot but performed right up there with the best. Now we are jumping back to the other side. We are looking at a blue aluminum PSU that screams overclocker. This little gem has sleek styling and dual fans for added cooling. Did I mention it's blue? I like blue, especially when all my fans are blue LED. Looks aren't everything, of course, and we are here today to test whether the Raidmax can hold up to both standards: Looks and performance."

More information on this review can be found here.
Samsung SyncMaster 173MW Widescreen LCD Monitor Review @ Tweaknews
"To find a flaw or imperfect in a Samsung LCD monitor in my experience is almost impossible. With not even one broken pixel noted or seen in the sixteen LCD monitors that have been reviewed by Tweaknews, saying that Samsung LCD monitor is a safe buy is a huge understatement. The 173MW follows this trend by working flawlessly and not having one problem other than the substandard gaming. But, you have to remember, poor gaming on an LCD is common and they are not meant for this purpose in the first place. If an LCD monitor does game well then you can consider it a bonus."

More information on this review can be found here.
Vantec Cable Sleeving Kit Review @ Viper Lair
"I really don't think there is much to say about a kit like this, it either works or it doesn't. It is easy or it isn't. It is quality or it is trash. Their really isn't a middle ground as such. The Vantec Cable Sleeving Kits come with everything you need including heatshrink tubing and cable ties (your choice as to which you use) and plenty of braiding in 4 sizes."

More information on this review can be found here.

Vantec Spectrum Mouse Pad Review

"Vantec have created an item in the Spectrum line-up that certainly looks good with its diffused blue glow, but in actual use the small mousing area detracts from the appeal almost completely. It is nice with the traction and friction for both ball and optical mice."

More information on this review can be found here.
Kingwin KT-424 Aluminum Case Review @ GruntvillE
"Removing the case from the box, I noticed it is wrapped in something similar to saran wrap. The case is a night brushed aluminum black. The window has a beautiful bevel on it and is secured with 9 screws. The case was nice and lightweight, weighing in at 20lbs."

More information on this review can be found here.
Ahanix Black Knight Case Review @ PimpRig
"At first glance, the Black Knight appeared to be nothing special, just a plain black case with a hinged front door panel and an added fan controller with temperature readout LCD module. When I took a closer look, I found that the hinged door is able to slide out of the way. You can open this sucker up just like in a normal Antec/Chieftec case, but you can also push that door back and make it stay on the side of the case."

More information on this review can be found here.
NZXT Guardian Mid-Tower Case Review @ The Crucible
"The Guardian really did impress me. As a first product from NZXT it is really going to make them "sink or swim". I think NZXT will be doing a lot of swimming over the next few months. The style, finish, and features of the Guardian really set it apart from all the other cases we have reviewed. Overall NZXT has an amazing product in the Guardian. I can't wait to see what comes next."

More information on this review can be found here.
Shuttle XPC SB75G2 and XPC ST62K Zen Review @ Hexus
"We're also taking a look at Shuttle's newest XPC design philosophy. The 'Zen' promises to be smaller, sexier, and smarter than before. ATI's Radeon 9100 IGP is tasked with chipset duties. Shuttle's been brave enough to move the PSU out from the chassis and drop the AGP slot. Bravery or foolishness. Let's get the bottom of this interesting pair of cubes."

More information on this review can be found here.
Friday, April 2, 2004
Build Your Own Glowing LED Molex Connectors @ The Modfathers
"After you power up the LEDs you can see the fruits of your labor. If you can look past all of the water cooling hoses you will see the two green glowing molex connectors. Not bad for a few hours work."

More information on this guide can be found here.
CasEdge Diabolic Minotaur Mid-Tower Case Review @ LAN Addict
"CasEdge is not one of the first names that comes to mind when you think of companies that make computer equipment. While CasEdge might be a new name their parent company, Foxconn, has been making parts for OEM PC builders for quite some time. Seeing the popularity of the PC Enthusiast and LAN Gaming market segments, Foxconn decided to sell directly to consumers through a new brand name, CasEdge."

More information on this review can be found here.
Gyration Ultra GT Compact Keyboard Suite Review @ System Cooling
"Wireless devices such as keyboards and mice are nothing new; they've been around for quite some time now. You might be one of those users that decided to go with a wireless keyboard and/or mouse as soon as they were available, in order to truly free yourself. Or if you're anything like me, you did not really see any reason to go with wireless unless it was absolutely necessary. Well if you're into HTPC (Home Theater PC) wireless is absolutely the only way to travel. Having said that, today we are going to take a look Gyration Ultra GT Compact Keyboard Suite, which includes a keyboard and mouse with a whopping 30-foot range."

More information on this review can be found here.
SilverStone Technology Glacier SST-TJ02 Case Review @ The Crucible
"Silverstone has done a great job with this product. It's stylish, unique, easy to use, and got that quality feel. With all that being said, there are a few considerations you would have to take in mind: Do you really want the case to be all aluminum? Are you prepared to pay a fair bit for a steel chassis? While those are two easy answered questions for myself, they may not be for you."

More information on this review can be found here.
Gigabyte GA-8VT880 Ultra VIA PT880 Motherboard Review
"As we can see from the results above, Via PT880 is slower than Intel I865; the performance under business applications is very close though. Sadly, Via PT880 can't quite match I865's performance under gaming situations."

More information on this review can be found here.
Motherboards of CeBIT 2004 @ Legit Reviews
"Another trade show has come and gone, but this time around we got the chance to see some new products for the first time! With CeBIT Hannover attendance totaling 510,000 CeBIT 2004 proved not to be a dead show! The organizers believe they had roughly 3,400 more visitors per day compared with last year. If this is true it would be CeBIT's first rise in attendance in three years. Many cool things were on display by the many vendors at CeBIT, but we were after the motherboards!"

More information on this review can be found here.
Kingston HyperX PC4300 Review @ Ohls-Place
"So you got Intel processor and motherboard and you're wanting to push it to the limit. If that's the case you will need something besides that memory you were running in your old AMD board. So it's time to move up to the big leagues and consider some high quality hyper fast Kingston HyperX PC4300 memory this stuff is rated at 533 MHz and it will get you where you want to be in a hurry."

More information on this review can be found here.
SimpleTech PC3700 1GB Dual Channel Memory Kit Review @ Tweaknews
"Simpletech has done a great job with their Nitro memory. The memory performed great in our benchmarks, and overclocked very well. The modules were nice and stable and did not overheat. Simpletech didn't just stop at performance however. They created a very nice package that will appeal to modders as well as overclockers. The red PCB modules look fantastic, and they matched my ATI card perfectly! The biohazard symbols add a touch of flare too."

More information on this review can be found here.
AOpen AK86-L AMD Athlon 64 Motherboard Review @ A1-Electronics
"Another top quality motherboard from AOpen bringing high-performance & overclocking down to a low-priced value-for money AMD Athlon 64 socket-754 motherboard. For its super value for money and overclocking performance we award the AOpen AK86-L motherboard 2 Gold & 1 Silver medals."

More information on this review can be found here.
Swiftech MCW5000-A Water Block Review @ ProCooling
"The Swiftech MCW5000-A waterblock is a pin-style block for Socket 462 with a copper baseplate and an anodized aluminum top. The MCW5000-A uses 1/2" push in connectors rather than barbs and is mounted via clips that engage all 6 socket lugs. This waterblock was provided by Swiftech directly rather than from a reseller."

More information on this review can be found here.
Water Cooling Guide @ Mad Shrimps
"Not all Water Cooling system are created equal, the same applies to air cooling as we all know. A year or two ago, the bragging right was how loud your delta fan could run relative to how low the CPU temp was. Today, you´d better have water cooling just to keep a spot at any forum. W/C is in; Delta fan is out, at least for now."

More information on this guide can be found here.

PCPower & Cooling TurboCool 510 Deluxe PSU Review

"PCPower&Cooling have been producing what are widely considered to be, the best PSU´s on the market today. Since the company´s inception, they´ve raised an industry-wide bar on manufacturing standards for Switching Power Supplies. Theirs have been, and remain, the standard by which all others are measured."

More information on this review can be found here.
Thursday, April 1, 2004
Speed Strip AMD Athlon XP Overclocking Device Review @ A1-Electronics
"It really could not be more easy unlocking the multiplier settings on your AMD Athlon XP processor using this Speed Strip overclocking device."

More information on this review can be found here.
Thermalright NB-1 Review @ Steamed Turtle
"After much pain on my part, great service from Thermalright and a long wait, here it finally is: the NB-1 mulit-platform chipset cooler. We'll be evaluating it's performance in overclocked and stock environments, along with general impressions of the quality and other aspects of the product."

More information on this review can be found here.
Intel Celeron 2.8GHz Review @ Hexus
"The Celeron is positioned such that it will fit into a huge number of boards, literally every S478 going. It's cheap by Intel standards but, and here's the big but, we feel as if there's far better value to be had from AMD's 'budget' CPUs. Either that or scrimp and save for a Northwood-based CPU. The Celeron is high on MHz but low on performance. Just ensure that you're not pulled in by the myth that MHz means everything. If you hear the words 'Intel 2.8GHz processor' in some fancy advert with a PC at an unbelievable price, just do yourself a favour and look at the smallprint carefully."

More information on this review can be found here.
Gigabyte GV-R96X128D Radeon 9600XT Video Card Review @ BigBruin
"The Gigabyte GV-R96X128D videocard is based on the reference Radeon 9600XT design, and features 128MB of DDR memory. The GV-R96X128D picks up a few points for style, as the blue PCB and LED lighting make the card look sharp. The included software titles and accessories round out the package and make for an overall nice bundle."

More information on this review can be found here.
Transcend Xabre 400 Video Card Review @ OCIA
"NVIDIA and ATI. Not too many people know of (or care about) other graphics chipset manufacturers. Well, among the lesser known manufacturers lies SiS. Yes, the same manufacturer many of you know for their northbridge chipsets on motherboards. Today we will take a look at Transcend's Xabre 400 graphics card. This card has been on the market for a while, but lets see if it can still be a viable alternative for someone looking to save a few bucks."

More information on this review can be found here.
MSI FX5900XT VTD128 Video Card Review @ GruntvillE
"MSI uses what they call the "TOP Tech" cooling system on this card. The theory is that it's supposed to keep the NV35 based core up to eight degrees cooler than NVIDIA's reference design while only producing 26dB of noise. So how loud is 26dB? Let me put it this way, a typical light whisper chimes in at 30dB, so those looking for a quiet yet powerful card should have no worries if they make this card their choice. The back of the box just gives a further breakdown of what's all included in the bundle as well as a listing of features and specifications. One thing that should be noted is the mention of D.O.T., or rather, Dynamic Overclocking Technology. Those of you who own a newer ATI based card, have had this functionality with the OverDrive option within the Catalyst driver series."

More information on this review can be found here.
RAID 0 Performance Article @ Overclocker Cafe
"Recently, following the review of two AOpen Athlon 64 mainboards that supported RAID, it occurred to me that I understood the basics of RAID but had never run one before. In doing some online searches, I couldn't find any benchmarks to show what if any measurable performance benefits there are. With that said, let me take an opportunity to quickly cover what RAID is, what it can do for you and give you some hard numbers to see."

More information on this article can be found here.

RAID 1 Server Article @ Nordic Hardware

"For a smaller enterprise it can be expensive to invest in servers with redundant systems in form of harddrives and power supplies, but you need to see it from a different angle. Sometimes the whole activity is based on the information stored on servers and if this information is no longer available the company can not be run. Money is lost every minute the machines stand still and if the information can not be re-created it is possible that the business goes down."

More information on this article can be found here.
Raidmax Case Cooling Guide @ SweetMods
"Today we are going to talk a little about airflow in your case. Now this doesn't apply to everybody, because most modders have cases already well suited for good airflow. However, today we are talking about certain cases made by Raidmax."

More information on this review can be found here.
April's Modder of The Month @ Creative Mods

"April's Modder of The Month is a native of Canada with a wild imagination and a passion for modding. He has put together a case based on Shogun: Total War, an 'All In Oneder' helmet, and is rumored to be working on a case based on the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. I had the pleasure of getting to know him better and to learn more about his creations during our interview."

Congrats to Skaal-tel! Look for his 'All In Oneder' Helmet Project to be featured on MTB real soon. More information on this interview can be found here.
Matrix Orbital MX222 USB LCD Review @ PimpedOutCases

"In the early years of modding, those who wanted an LCD had to solder a serial plug to an LCD module, program some custom software to use it, and hope everything worked out in the end. Those who had moxie would wire a parallel LCD and possibly risk blowing their EPT port. Eventually companies caught on and started selling LCDs with serial and parallel backpacks - devices that allowed a computer to speak to an LCD using a standard interface and language of ease of use and installation although it still often meant programming custom software to display what you want."

More information on this review can be found here.
Gateway 610XL Media Center PC Review @ Designtechnica
"Perfect for the kitchen or the office, the 610XL plays multiple roles. It can either be a stereo system or television while eating your breakfast, or the family PC used to do taxes, editing home movies or playing games. The intermittent WiFi issues we had seem to be fixed by Gateway via a driver update and even still could be related exclusively to our network setup so this is nothing that seriously hurt the 610XL."

More information on this review can be found here.
SilverStone Gloria SST-TJ04 Case Review @ myWorldHardware
"With a nice set of black coloured monitor, keyboard and mouse, the Gloria is worth the purchase especially for those who fancy a black PC set. We would recommend this case for those seeking for elegance and it looks great in your living room or in a corporate office."

More information on this review can be found here.
Cooler Master ATC-110B-SX1 Case Review @ Whining Dog
"The Cooler Master ATC-110B-SX1 is a good choice for anyone in the market for an extended ATX chassis. Though steeply priced, the quality of the design and construction of the ATC-110B-SX1 easily shows through upon the first few moments of working with this case. The ATC-110B-SX1 is easy to set up, offers a great deal of expansion capabilities, and is cleanly designed. When looking at extended ATX cases, consider the ATC-110B-SX1."

More information on this review can be found here.
MountainMods U2-UFO Limited Edition Aluminum Cube Case Review @ PimpRig
"Out of all the hardware that we picky, well-informed shoppers purchase FEWER than other parts are usually the cases which we decide to house our choice of gear in. Not only that but the myriad of upgrades following the original system. I have had a handful of cases that have seen 3 or 4 major overhauls during their life span and from my experience this is the same for most of peers. With that being said, experience has proven to me that a case is one of the most fundamental components in a system and one that, far more often than not, will give you the most mileage for your hard earned cash."

Sweet case! More information on this review can be found here.
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