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  Product:     Wayvet EH48R Crystal Reservoir  
  Price:     TBA 
  Supplied By:     Wayvet
  Author:     Hi-TEK
  Date:     February 4th, 2004
  Rating:     star star star star star star star star star

MODTHEBOX would like to thank Angel from Wayvet for sending the EH48R Crystal Reservoir for review.

Wayvet CoolingKing Water Cooling Kit


Pre-assembled water cooling kits have simplified the process for consumers to transition from air based cooling systems to an all purpose water cooling system. The advantage with a pre-assembled kit is that most of the guess work has been eliminated in terms of selecting all the components needed to cool an overclocked computer system. In August of 2003, MTB reviewed a complete water cooling solution from Wayvet called the CoolingKing Water Cooling Kit. The company has been busy refining the CoolingKing product line and has recently upgraded the bundled reservoir module. Today in the MTB Labs, we will be evaluating the EH48R Crystal Reservoir Kit.


The Wayvet CoolingKing Water Cooling Kit consists of several key components to bring a complete liquid cooling solution to a standard or modified computer. Each item included in the package can be purchased separately or in bundled in a full kit format depending on the userís requirements. For review purposes, I will only be looking at the EH48R Crystal Reservoir upgrade. Here are some specifications taken directly from the Wayvet website:

Wayvet EH48R Crystal Reservoir - Key Specifications:
Wayvet EH48R Crystal Reservoir: Manufactured by Wayvet Inc
Dimensions: 73mm x 65mm x 87mm
Material: Clear ABS
Volume: 150cc
Weight: 70g
Application: Eheim 1048 pump
Proof Test: High air pressure
Easy to fill system and prime Eheim (Big Fill Hole)
Able to set in vertical and horizontal position
Special features: Includes Reflection plate and LEDs

Wayvet EH48R Crystal Reservoir
Click image for larger view
Wayvet EH48R Crystal Reservoir
Click image for larger view
The Wayvet EH48R Crystal Reservoir ships in a standard white corrugated cardboard box. The CoolingKing logo is centered on top of the package while the product specifications are listed on the sides. Each component in the kit was package in protective plastic bags with a small piece of cardboard backing located at the bottom of the box.
Wayvet EH48R Crystal Reservoir
Click image for larger view
Wayvet EH48R Crystal Reservoir
Click image for larger view
The Wayvet EH48R Crystal Reservoir includes an assortment of items which including the following:
  • 1 x AB-006 EH48R Crystal Reservoir
  • 1 x CP-0010 Reservoir Top Cover w/silicon O-ring
  • 1 x CP-0018 Rubber Plastic Jacket
  • 1 x Reflection Plate
  • 1 x Pair of Lighting LEDs
  • 1 x User Manual
The EH48R Crystal Reservoir is constructed from blue coloured clear ABS plastic and measures approximately 73mm x 65mm x 87mm with a weight of 70g. The product has been designed to attach directly to Eheim 1046/1048 pumps and can hold a total of 150cc of water. The EH48R Crystal Reservoir features a large opening located at the top which allows for easy system filling and bleeding. A top reservoir cover has been sealed with a silicon O-ring that screws into the base of the unit and prevents any leaks. The overall construction of the EH48R reservoir is rather simple but due to the thinness of ABS used, the unit is susceptible to accidental cracking and damage if not handled cautiously. A single hose barb resides at the top of the unit beside the filling area. The rear portion of the EH48R features a large hole which is where the Eheim 1048 pump attaches to secure the reservoir.
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