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  Product:     Cooler Master Musketeer  
  Price:     $50 (CAN) / $38 (U.S)
  Supplied By:     Cooler Master
  Author:     Shennon
  Date:     February 6th, 2004
  Rating:     star star star star star star star

MODTHEBOX would like to thank Ashley from Cooler Master for providing the Cooler Master Musketeer for review.

Cooler Master


There is a plethora of digital devices that fit into any free drive bay or can be cut into almost anywhere on the side or front bezel. For those individuals who want to add unique items to their cases, retro style components are now being re-introduced back into the consumer market. Cooler Master has established a great reputation for producing quality cooling and case products. The company has recently developed a new series of retro style components marketed under the Musketeer brand name. The product is designed to provide a retro feeling with new analogue style gauges that can monitor several different aspects of a computer system. Today in the MTB Labs, we will be evaluating the Cooler Master Musketeer, a device that monitors the sound levels, temperature, and fan speed control.


The Cooler Master Musketeer is one of two available models available from the Cooler Master website. Consumers have the option of selecting the LLC-U02 which is the silver version or the LLC-U01 which is the black version. Here are some of the specifications taken directly from the Cooler Master website:

Cooler Master Musketeer LLC-U01 - Key Specifications:
Cooler Master Musketeer LLC-U01: Manufactured by Cooler Master
Connects directly to your computer's +12V DC power source
No software required
Reflective blue LED display
Requires only one 5.25" drive bay
Operator controlled fans allow for energy conservation and noise reduction
Suitable for PC equipped with audio device and high-speed fan
Voltage (Left) Dial Display: DC 0 to12V
Temperature (right) Dial Display: 10-90 Celsius / 50-180 Fahrenheit
Voltage Adjustment: DC 6 to approx. 11V (IC controlled)
Sound Pressure: -20 to +3dB (depends on input from sound card)
Cooler Master Musketeer LLC-U01
Click image for larger view
Cooler Master Musketeer LLC-U01
Click image for larger view

The Cooler Master Musketeer was shipped in a colourful standard double-walled corrugated box with the manufacturer's logos and images printed on all sides. The packaging inside the box was good with the Musketeer sealed in protected plastic with two pieces of polystyrene located on the left and right hand sides.

Cooler Master Musketeer LLC-U01
Click image for larger view
Cooler Master Musketeer LLC-U01
Click image for larger view
The sample unit that was sent in for review was the LLC-U01 which is the black version of the Cooler Master Musketeer. The unit has gauges and sliders that are plastic chromed to offset the black colour of the unit. Across the front of the Cooler Master Musketeer are three analogue dials with blue faces and two chrome slide adjusters. The first analogue dial is the Volt Meter which in conjunction with the adjacent slider controls the speed of one system fan.
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