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  Product:     MTB Exclusive: VL System L.I.S 2 Blue Eye  
  Price:     $92 (CAN) / $70 (U.S) 
  Supplied By:     VL System
  Author:     DrMobius
  Date:     February 16th, 2004
  Rating:     star star star star star star star star star star

MODTHEBOX would like to thank Roy from VL System for sending the L.I.S 2 Blue Eye for review.

VL System


Computer enthusiasts are continually looking for ways to push their computer farther in order to bring it one step ahead of the game. Whether it be through overclocking, modding, skinning, or cutting edge parts; the consumer needs to be informed of how the tweaking is effecting the computers vital operations. This was the premise behind the original VFD and LCD display screens; to give the consumer a readout of a computer's vital statistics. Along with the rapidly changing computer market, manufacturers of VFD and LCD units have included software to help customize the displays and added different features to increase the unitsí versatility. VL System has been a manufacturer of these units for a number of years and today in the MTB Labs weíll be looking at their latest addition to their line of intelligent LCD displays; the L.I.S. 2 Blue Eye, which also doubles as a fan controlling unit.


The L.I.S 2 Blue Eye LCD display module is the newest intelligent display product from VL System and is currently only available with a silver aluminum body and an inverse blue backlight display. The L.I.S 2 Blue Eye is a USB controlled standard 20x4 serial LCD display which also acts as an adjustable voltage fan controller. Some of the key features are support for dual CPUís or Hyper-threading, display of MBM (Motherboard Monitor) statistics, e-mail notification, programmable event alarms, and a software package including a CG (logo image) builder and a control center with customizable skins. Here are some specifications taken from the usersí manual:

VL System L.I.S 2 Blue Eye LCD - Key Specifications:
VL System L.I.S 2 Blue Eye LCD: Manufactured by VL System
USB 1.1 / 2.0 support
Supported LCD / VFD size: 16x2 and 20x2
Liquid Crystal Display
Blue Negative type
5 x 8 Dotís
HD44780 Compatible
Character type
Includes USB Cable (Ext, Int) and Power Cable
Input voltage: DV 5V and DC 12

VL System L.I.S 2 Blue Eye LCD
Click image for larger view
VL System L.I.S 2 Blue Eye LCD
Click image for larger view

The L.I.S. 2 Blue Eye arrived from VL System in its factory packaging. The box displays a few profile shots of the Blue Eye along with graphics and text highlighting the key features and system requirements for the software on the front and side of the box. Also on the side of the box is a diagram displaying the color of the unit, in this case silver faceplate with a blue display. From the graphic it would appear additional colors may be available in the near future, however at the time of this review the only color selection I could find was the silver/blue combination. Inside the box you are presented with a mini-disk holding the software and drivers and a small users manual, both are resting on a piece of cardboard which covers the actual display unit.

VL System L.I.S 2 Blue Eye LCD
Click image for larger view
VL System L.I.S 2 Blue Eye LCD
Click image for larger view
The L.I.S. 2 Blue Eye was packaged very securely, surrounded by formed polystyrene foam and bundled tightly with the cables. The Blue Eye LCD system included the following items:
  • 1 x L.I.S. 2 main unit
  • 1 x L.I.S. driver and software installation mini-disk
  • 1 x L.I.S. power cable
  • 1 x Users manual
  • 3 x 3-pin fan power connection cables
  • 2 x 4-pin fan power connection cables
  • 1 x External USB connection cable
  • 1 x Internal USB connection cable
  • 4 x Mounting screws
The instruction manual lists the basic features and specifications as well as briefly covers the installation of the unit. As with the previous L.I.S. systems, they also include a few warnings about changing the jumpers on the unit as it can make the system underpowered or overpowered, eventually causing damage. The manual was only 6 pages and only covers the basic installation; some users may find the manual more as a guide then a manual. I could not find any additional information on VL Systems website, but they do have the same manual available for download in .PDF format.
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