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  Product:     iCute 0314TL-BB Mid-Tower Case  
  Price:     $99 (CAN) / $75 (U.S)
  Supplied By:     WAPAC L.L.C
  Author:     Shatterstar
  Date:     February 20th, 2004
  Rating:     star star star star star star star star

MODTHEBOX would like to thank Micheal from WAPAC L.L.C for providing the iCute 0314TL-BB Mid-Tower Case for review.



With the sudden popularity of "pre-modded" cases, many manufacturers are hard-pressed to come up with an original look that will attract new customers. The standard computer beige case has been replaced with highly refined modernized cases. Included with these post-modern cases is an assortment of add-on parts. With a limited amount of choices, picking the case that is right for you can be quite the harrowing experience. Analogous to ordering a submarine sandwich, picking out a case means you will be faced with more choices than you care to have. Do I want a mini-tower, full-tower, or mini bare bone? What color? Do I want the window now or will I want to install my own later on? Should I get the pickles on the sandwich or should I ask for them on the side? You get the idea. Today in MTB labs, we will be evaluating a brand new pre-modified solution from WAPAC L.L.C, the iCute0314TL-BB+ Mid-Tower Case.


The iCute0314TL-BB+ Mid-Tower Case is one of many consumer based cases offered by WAPAC L.L.C and comes complete with all the functionality found in more expensive models. The specifications of the iCute0314TL-BB+ are similar to that of your classic mid-tower case and is generally suited for consumers looking for a complete low cost pre-modified solution. Here are some of the case specifications taken directly from the WAPAC L.L.C and iCute websites:

iCute 0314TL-BB Mid-Tower - Key Specifications:
iCute 0314TL-BB Mid-Tower: Manufactured by ICute
Case Dimensions: 200mm (W) x 500mm (D) x 450mm (H)
Material: Steel chassis and ABS plastic front bezel
Drive Bays: 11 (4 x external 5.25", 2 x external 3.5", 5 x internal 3.5")
Expansion Slots: 7
Fans: 4-blue LED translucent fan x 3 (1 for front panel and 2 for side panel)
Universal ATX I/O Shield included
Form Factor: Supports all Micro and ATX, AMD/P4 certfied
Top 2 x USB 2.0 + Firewire Ports
Power Supply: N/A
Large air induction port with grill on front panel
Large plastic feet that swing out 90 degrees for stability
Special Features: Removable motherboard tray, side panel window, 4 x HD Coolers
iCute 0314TL-BB Mid-Tower
Click image for larger view
iCute 0314TL-BB Mid-Tower
Click image for larger view

The iCute 0314TL-BB Mid-Tower was shipped in a white and sky blue coloured corrugated box, with the case model and WAPAC L.L.C packaging slip printed on the front and sides. Upon opening the package, there are standard polystyrene pieces on each end with the case wrapped in protective plastic.

iCute 0314TL-BB Mid-Tower
Click image for larger view
iCute 0314TL-BB Mid-Tower
Click image for larger view
Out of the box, my first impressions of the iCute 0314TL-BB Mid-Tower were positive. The case measures approximately 200mm (W) x 500mm (D) x 450mm (H) and supports all mATX and ATX motherboards. Consumers will be instantly drawn to the huge silver plastic trim around the front fan intake. The fan is recessed and grilled with a black metallic wire mesh. The L-shaped window on the left side panel is covered by two pieces of plastic to avoid scratches. Upon closer inspection, I found that the silver trim was a little too bold and played against all satin black finish of design of the ICute 0314TL-BB Mid-Tower Case. By default the iCute 0314TL-BB Mid-Tower does not ship with a power supply and consumers will have to purchase this option separately.
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