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  Product:     AeroCool DP-102 Deep Impact Heatsink  
  Price:     $69 (CAN) / $52 (U.S)
  Supplied By:     Nikao/Tradex
  Author:     Shatterstar
  Date:     February 27th, 2004
  Rating:     star star star star star

MODTHEBOX would like to thank Jeffrey from Nikao/Tradex Information Technology Incorporation for sending the AeroCool DP-102 Deep Impact Heatsink for review.



As processors become smaller and more powerful the need for efficient cooling is becoming critical especially in overclocked environments. Stock cooler options are sufficient for regular systems but as an alternative many computer enthusiasts move towards upgrading to a better optimized cooling solution. The reasons for replacing a stock cooling solution tend to vary from one user to the next, some want bigger and better cooling, and others wish to have quieter systems. Whatever your reason for exchanging the stock heatsink, making the right choice is significant in how your system will perform long term. Today in the MTB Labs, we will be evaluating the second generation high performance cooling solution from AeroCool marketed under the brand name of the DP-102 Deep Impact Heatsink.


The Aerocool DP-102 Deep Impact Heatsink is designed for the Socket A 462 platform that supports Athlon XP processors up to 3600+ or higher as well as the Intel P4 Socket 478 platform up to 3.6GHz. The DP-102 follows in the same tradition as its predecessor the DP-101 uses the Superconductor Core Technology. Here are some specifications taken directly from the Tradex Information Technology and AeroCool Technology websites:

AeroCool DP-102 Deep Impact Heatsink - Key Specifications:
AeroCool DP-102 Deep Impact Heatsink: Manufactured by AeroCool
Dimension: Tube -100 mm, 36+ Fins Dia. - 66m
Material: Superconductor Tube + Copper Fins
Weight: 580g (no fan)
Applications: Intel: P4 socket 478 3.6Ghz and higher (Only apply to the "Universal" version, not available for the AMD version) AMD: Athlon XP 3600+ and higher
High thermal conductivity
Full copper cooler w/superconductor tube for max performance
Supper attractive "Round" shape cooler
DP-102 offers "Dual Fan" solution - user can mount 1 or 2 fans on the cooler (fans not included in the package)
The cooler can be rotated 360 degrees and fans can be mounted in any position
DP-102 can be an "Universal" cooler compatible with both Intel P4 and AMD applications
AeroCool DP-102 Deep Impact Heatsink
Click image for larger view
AeroCool DP-102 Deep Impact Heatsink
Click image for larger view

The AeroCool DP-102 Deep Impact Heatsink arrived in circular packaging suitable for a retail display. The top and bottom portions of the packaging is covered in decorative AeroCool logos and lettering. Upon opening the package, there was an assortment of items which included mounting brackets for the fans, P4 mounting plate, mounting screws, a small tube of generic thermal compound and a very basic instruction sheet.

AeroCool DP-102 Deep Impact Heatsink
Click image for larger view
AeroCool DP-102 Deep Impact Heatsink
Click image for larger view
The AeroCool DP-102 is by far one of the largest and heaviest heatsinks that we have evaluated here in the MTB Labs, weighing approximately 580 grams without the optional fan installation. The heatsink is composed of a large copper superconductor core which runs from the base of the unit to the top. The core is surrounded by 36+ circular copper fins, which are used to cool the superconductor core in normal and overclocked environments. By default the DP-102 does not include any fans, but consumers can install any recommended brand to suit their computer configuration and cooling needs.
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