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  Product:     NZXT Guardian Mid-Tower Case  
  Price:     $105 (CDN) / $80 (U.S)
  Supplied By:     NZXT
  Author:     DrMobius
  Date:     March 20th, 2004
  Rating:     star star star star star star star star

MODTHEBOX would like to thank John from NZXT for sending the NZXT Guardian Mid-Tower Case for review.



Whether it be an architectural structure, vehicle, painting, or computer case; there are two primary factors the designer needs to keep in mind: form and function. A beautiful looking computer case with no functionality could only be thought of as little more than a night stand. The same rules apply to stock cases stacked with add-on accessories which only conceal poor case design. In order for computer case manufactures to produce a successful case aimed at gamers they need to blend form and functionality balanced with plenty of flashy lights. Today in the MTB Labs, we will be reviewing The Guardian, the first computer case from NZXT, a new case manufacturer creating cases targeted directly at the gaming industry.


The Guardian is a standard mid-tower case with front audio and USB connections as well as an integrated side panel window design. It is available in six different colors and can be shipped with or without a power supply. The Guardian also features screwless drive installation and a unique "Fade Motion" LED. Here are some specifications taken directly from NZXTs website:

NZXT Guardian Mid-Tower Case - Key Features:
NZXT Guardian Mid-Tower Case: Manufactured by NZXT
Dimensions: 200mm (W) x 430mm (H) x 451mm (D)
Weight: 7.1 kg
M/B Type: Standard ATX, Micro ATX, Baby AT, Mini ATX
Standard Colors: Black, Silver, Blue, Yellow, Green
Drive Bay: 10 (5.25" x 5 (External), 3.5" x 2 (External), 3.5" x 3 (Internal)
Fans: 2 x 80mm silent fans (1 in rear, 1 Tri-Color fan on side panel)
Expansion Slots: 7 pcs
Integrated front USB and Audio ports
Special Features: Pre-programmed controlled intelligent "Fade Motion" Blue LED

NZXT Guardian Mid-Tower Case
Click image for larger view
NZXT Guardian Mid-Tower Case
Click image for larger view

The Guardian was shipped from NZXT in a black corrugated cardboard box. The front of the box has a graphic of The Guardian at an angle to show off the bezel and side panel window.On the front of the box is the phrase "Are you ready for battle?" displayed in white lettering. The side of the box has a few specifications as well as check boxes for the inclusion of a power supply and the color of the case inside the box.

NZXT Guardian Mid-Tower Case
Click image for larger view
NZXT Guardian Mid-Tower Case
Click image for larger view
The Guardian case was packaged securely between to pieces of formed polystyrene and wrapped in a protective plastic bag. There is piece of sticky-backed plastic to protect the window and a piece of tape running down the highest angle on the front bezel, most likely to prevent scratches or dings. Out of the box my impressions of The Guardian were mixed. The case measures approximately 200mm (W) x 430mm (H) x 451mm (D) and supports Standard ATX, Micro ATX, Baby AT, and Mini ATX motherboard formats. The Transformeresque front bezel design and intricate window working are a stellar display of creative craftsmanship; however the design will have mixed appeal in the consumer market.
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