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  Product:     Thermaltake Silent Tower CL-P0024 Heatsink  
  Price:     $67 (CAN) / $50 (U.S) 
  Supplied By:     Thermaltake
  Author:     DrMobius
  Date:     May 28th, 2004
  Rating:     star star star star star star star star

MODTHEBOX would like to thank Jerry from Thermaltake for sending the Silent Tower CL-P0024 Heatsink for review.



Tabasco sauce, Egypt, jet engines, Stiffler’s mom, and your processor all have one thing in common: they are all hot. While extreme heat is to be expected in Egypt and with jet engines, for your processor it can be detrimental. As most know, a heatsink is used to cool the processor, preventing damage and possible degradation in performance. The standard run of the mill heatsink currently on the market is basically a chunk of aluminum or copper with grooves to allow for airflow that you slap a fan on and mount to your processor. In the past year we have seen the introduction of heatpipes, usually made of copper, that either direct the hot air up through the heatsink or help allow the cooler air reach the base of the heatsink. Today in the MTB Labs we will be evaluating the Silent Tower CL-P0024 heatsink from Thermaltake, a full copper cooling solution which utilizes heatpipe technology.


The Silent Tower CL-P0024 heatsink is constructed entirely out of copper and utilizes copper heatpipes. It can be configured for use in Intel LGA775, Pentium 4, AMD K7 and K8 systems and has holes for attaching a single 80mm fan, dual 80mm fans, a single 90mm fan, or dual 90mm fans. The Silent Tower CL-P0024 is also part of Thermaltake’s Combo Cool line of heatsinks which pairs fans, blowers, and thermal compound together in one package. Here are some specifications taken directly from the Thermaltake website:

Thermaltake Silent Tower CL-P0024 Heatsink - Key Specifications:
Thermaltake Silent Tower CL-P0024 Heatsink: Manufactured by Thermaltake
Dimenions: 86mm x 80mm x 138mm (59 fins)
Weight: 640 g (1.41lb)
Material: Copper Base and Aluminum Fin
Heatpipe Copper Tube: 3pcs x 66mm
Compatibility: Intel P4 LGA775, Intel P4 478 Prescott FMB1.5 3.6GHz, AMD Athlon 64 / Athlon 64 FX, AMD Athlon XP up to 3400+
High performance cooling solution
90x90x25mm fan, multi-directional air intake increase airflow when keeping the relative noise at minimal
Universal clip design provide a secure attachment on the motherboard
Transparent "TOWER" side window to see through the fins
Thermaltake Silent Tower CL-P0024 Heatsink
Click image for larger view
Thermaltake Silent Tower CL-P0024 Heatsink
Click image for larger view

Thermaltake has always taken care to pack their products carefully in boxes loaded with product features, the box for the Silent Tower CL-P0024 is no exception. The front and top of the box display the heatsink model numbers, motherboard compatibility list as well as a few images highlighting various features. The bottom of the box displays technical specifications and the different application options; no fan, single fan, or dual fan setups.

Thermaltake Silent Tower CL-P0024 Heatsink
Click image for larger view
Thermaltake Silent Tower CL-P0024 Heatsink
Click image for larger view
Inside the box, the CL-P0024 is packaged tightly in formed layered polystyrene along with an instruction manual and an accessory box. The instruction manual covers the installation for the 4 supported configurations with detailed text and full color pictures. The accessory box includes the following items:
  • 2 x Metal mounting "H" back plates
  • 1 x "H" insulator
  • 1 x Metal securing "H" plate
  • 8 x Screws for fan installation
  • 4 x Screws for heatsink installation
  • 4 x Cardboard washers
  • 12 x Nuts
  • 1 x Tube of Dow Corning SC102 thermal compound
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