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  Product:     A-Top X-Blade Gaming Mid-Tower Case  
  Price:     $105 (CAN) / $80 (U.S)
  Supplied By:     A-Top Technology
  Author:     Shennon
  Date:     July 11th, 2004
  Rating:     star star star star star star star star

MODTHEBOX would like to thank Jonathan from A-Top Technology for providing the X-Blade Gaming Mid-Tower Case for review.

A-Top Technology


Having a pre-modded case is common nowadays, as almost every manufacturer has few different designs and ideas, however uniqueness in features is something that is almost a rare commodity. Manufacturers are relying on visuals and fancy colour schemes in order to separate their cases from the competition. A few months ago A-Top Technology based out of Pomona, California released its first gaming case marketed under the Alien-Z brand name. The company continues to target the pre-modified consumer market with the release of its latest gaming mid-tower case. Today in the MTB Labs, we will be evaluating the new X-Blade Gaming Mid-Tower Case; an all-in-one pre-modified solution.


The X-Blade is the latest mid-tower case aimed at the gaming community and supports ATX, MicroATX, P3, P4, and AMD motherboard formats. Consumers have the option of selecting from 5 different colours which include Black, Blue, Yellow, Silver and Green. Here are some specifications taken from the A-Top Technology website:

A-Top X-Blade Gaming Mid-Tower Case - Key Specifications:
A-Top X-Blade Gaming Mid-Tower Case: Distributed by A-Top Technology
Case Dimensions: 200mm (W) x 430mm (H) x 440mm (D)
Patented screwless & tool-less mounting rails
Max. Motherboard size: 12" x 10"
Drive Bays: 11 (4 x 5.25" external, 2 x 3.5" internal, and 5 x 3.5" external)
Expansion Slots: 7
Fans: 3 (1 x 80mm Side Intake, 1 x 120mm Front Intake, 1 x 120mm Rear Exhaust)
All fans are clear w/ extra bright LEDs built in
Build in 2 front USB 2.0 + Audio port connectors
Universal ATX I/O Shield included
Power Supply: with Aluminum 400 watts, 450 watts or 500 watts P4 ready or Mini Redundant PSU
A-Top X-Blade Gaming Mid-Tower Case
Click image for larger view
A-Top X-Blade Gaming Mid-Tower Case
Click image for larger view

The X-Blade case arrived in a double-walled cardboard box that clearly identifies both the model name and the features. The case was wrapped in bubble wrap and sealed in protected plastic with two pieces of polystyrene located on the left and right hand sides. The front bezel and pre-modified side panel window are covered with protective plastic that can easily be removed. Once opened and unwrapped, my initial impressions of the X-Blade Gaming Mid-Tower Case were positive. The case measures approximately 200mm (W) x 430mm (H) x 440mm (D) and supports all ATX motherboard formats up to a maximum of 12" by 10" in size.

A-Top X-Blade Gaming Mid-Tower Case
Click image for larger view
A-Top X-Blade Gaming Mid-Tower Case
Click image for larger view
The front features a door that covers all the 5.25" drives except for the top bay where an optional LCD temperature display can be mounted. The door itself has the X-Blade emblem embedded into mesh material with a brushed silver backer plate that covers all areas. All the case highlights consist of chrome plated plastic which provides a striking contrast to the black painted exterior. The overall shape of the front design reminds me of a regular hour glass.
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