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  Product:     Sunbeam Lightbus & Silent Anodized LED Fans  
  Price:     Lightbus: $43 (CAN) / $35 (U.S) 
  Price:     Silent Anodized LED Fans: $11 (CAN) / $9 (U.S) 
  Supplied By:     Sunbeam Tech
  Author:     Hi-TEK
  Date:     May 8th, 2005
  Rating:     star star star star star star star star star

MODTHEBOX would like to thank Kevin from Sunbeam Tech for sending the Lightbus & Silent Anodized LED Fans for review.

Sunbeam Tech


In the past accessorizing a stock PC was a cumbersome process since most add-on components consisted of home made materials. Fast forward to the present and consumers now have a huge selection of case modding accessories available from a wide variety of different manufacturers. There are currently pre-assembled products that range from lighting effects to system monitoring which can enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of a stock case. One task that is faced by many consumers is the ability to properly manage all the add-on components using one central device. Sunbeam Technology based out of Taipei, Taiwan has been busy revamping their product line in order to cater to the needs of the case modding community. Today in the MTB Labs, we will be evaluating the new Sunbeam Lightbus and 80mm Silent Anodized LED Fans.


The Sunbeam Lightbus & Silent Anodized LED Fans come pre-assembled and includes all the necessary components for installation. Here are some of the specifications taken directly from the Sunbeam Tech website:

Sunbeam Lightbus - Key Specifications:
Sunbeam Lightbus: Manufactured by Sunbeam Tech
Input Voltage: DC 12V
Output Voltage: 0V -12V
Mic Sound Sensitivity: > or = 35db
Four-channel light controller with 5 lighting effects on each channel (on, off, sound control, HDD, fade in/out) enables 625 different combinations. You can connect more than one light on one channel to make your PC more versatile
2 modes of light alternation between channels
Each channel has a knob to control the brightness of the light
Compatible with any type of 12V light using molex connecters
Super bright LEDs on the panel indicating each channelís status
Sound control knob can adjust the sound sensitivity
Pre-assembled with aluminum faceplate

Silent Anodized LED Fans - Key Specifications:
Silent Anodized LED Fans: Manufactured by Sunbeam Tech
Dimenions: 80mm x 80mm x 25mm
Voltage: 12 Volt DC
Bearing Type: Sleeve Bearing
Air Flow: 23.08CFM
Noise Level: 19.85 dBA
Input Current: 0.15 A
Lifetime: 20,000 hours
Anodized metallic appearance coating. Highly reflective polished mirror look.
Includes 4 Bright LED lights
3 to 4pin Adapter to connect to power supply
Low noise - ultra quiet!

Sunbeam Lightbus & Silent Anodized LED Fans
Click image for larger view
Sunbeam Lightbus & Silent Anodized LED Fans
Click image for larger view

The Sunbeam Lightbus & Silent Anodized LED Fans arrived in standard retail packaging with the manufacturer's logos and images printed on all sides. The rear portion of the package contains information on product specifications and a feature list. Inside the box, the packaging was excellent with the Lightbus wrapped in plastic bubble wrap for added protection. Each Silent Anodized LED Fan was contained inside cardboard and plastic retail packaging.

Sunbeam Lightbus & Silent Anodized LED Fans
Click image for larger view
Sunbeam Lightbus & Silent Anodized LED Fans
Click image for larger view
The Lightbus comes bundled with an assortment of accessories which include a Y-Splitter, four 3-pin to 2-pin extension wires, audio frequency wire, HDD indicator light wire and a set of mounting screws. Sunbeam has included a one page sheet of instructions that covers a 3-step installation process. Two reference diagrams are also included which demonstrate different scenarios for adding lighing components such as cold cathode tubes, Laser LEDs or LED fans.
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