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  Product:     Bytecc ME-850 Landisk Enclosure  
  Price:     $89 (CDN) / $75 (U.S)
  Supplied By:     Bytecc
  Author:     Hi-TEK
  Date:     November 21st, 2005
  Rating:     star star star star star star star star star

MODTHEBOX would like to thank Steven from Bytecc for sending the ME-850 Landisk Enclosure for review.



The popularity of wide spread broadband services has simplified the process of adding Internet access to the standard home. Add in affordable off the shelf routing devices and you have a level of flexibility to easily network multiple computers for sharing one connection. One key factor required for the deployment of a home network is a backup storage solution. Established in 2001, Bytecc Inc. specializes in all types of USB interface products to provide over 400 various user-friendly peripherals to consumers at all ranges. Today in the MTB Labs, we will be evaluating the new Bytecc ME-850 Landisk Enclosure; a unique product which offers pre-configured storage capacity for universal platforms.


The Bytecc BackupStar ME-808 is an black external ATA HDD enclosure that allows consumers to conveiniently share and store data through LAN. The ME-808 provides easy set-up with auto configuration support for SAMBA and FTP. Here are some specifications taken directly from the Bytecc website:

Bytecc ME-850 Landisk Enclosure - Key Features:
Bytecc ME-850 Landisk Enclosure: Manufactured by Bytecc
Product Dimension: 60(W) x 175(D) x 195(H) mm
Weight: 950g (Exclude hard disk)
Partition Configuration: FAT32 (up to 4GB Single File System Support)
Supporting Hard Disk Transmission Specification: Ultra ATA / 133
System Time: Supporting NTP (Network Time Protocol Server)
IP Acquisition Method: Automatic/Manual
Network connection method: 100BASE-TX/10BASE-T w/RJ-45
Supporting Protocol: TCP/IP, NBNS (Net BIOS Name Server), Microsoft Networks (CIFS/SMB), HTTP 1.0 and HTML 2.0, DHCP Server/Client (Auto detection), SNTP Client and Telnet Server
Supporting Operation System: Microsoft Windows 98SE, Microsoft Windows ME, Microsoft Windows NT4.0, Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows XP and MAC OS X (10.3.X or above versions)
Safety Specification: FCC, CE, BSMI
Special features: SAMBA & FTP, 2 Servers in 1, auto configuration, and cooling technology for 3.5" HDD

Bytecc ME-850 Landisk Enclosure
Click image for larger view
Bytecc ME-850 Landisk Enclosure
Click image for larger view

The Bytecc ME-850 Landisk Enclosure was shipped in a standard double-walled corrugated cardboard box with the Bytecc logos printed on all sides. The packaging was very eye catching with a large view of the ME-850 External Storage Drive across the front. On the rear of the packaging was a summarized list of product specifications as well as references diagrams on how to connect the unit. Upon opening up the packaging, the product is sealed with protective plastic and bundled with an assortment of accessories.

Bytecc ME-850 Landisk Enclosure
Click image for larger view
Bytecc ME-850 Landisk Enclosure
Click image for larger view
The Bytecc ME-850 Landisk Enclosure includes the following list of items in the package:
  • Bytecc ME-850 Landisk Enclosure
  • Ethernet cable (Category 5 Straight Through)
  • Mini IDE Cable (40-pin)
  • AC Adapter with power cord (1 DC 12V, 2A)
  • 4 x 6-32 Mounting Screws
  • Quick Install Guide
The fold out documentation included with Bytecc ME-850 Landisk Enclosure is pretty good if you can get past a few grammatical errors and bad translated English. It provides an abundance of useful information for both the novice and experienced user. Topics covered include safety instructions, assembly, connecting the Landisk to a network, and using the WebControl Utility. The WebControl Utility is an easy to use interactive menu system which will be demonstrated later in this review.

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