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  Product:     Cooler Master NotePal S Review  
  Price:     $42 (CDN) / $36 (U.S)
  Supplied By:     Cooler Master
  Author:     clsGrinder
  Date:     January 20th, 2007
  Rating:     star star star star star star star star star

MODTHEBOX would like to thank Yolanda from Cooler Master for sending the Cooler Master NotePal S Review for review.

Cooler Master


Iím the last person on the planet to use the word ergonomics at least in the physical sense. Like cigarette smoking, excessive use of a computer will cause damage to your body, no matter how well designed the keyboard, mouse or chair is. While there is no cure, there are products available to make your computing experience more comfortable. Cooler Master does not specialize in such products, but they do have one that crosses into the domain of laptop cooling, and laptop comfort. Enter the NotePal S: a product that promotes a laptopís thermal efficiency, while introducing a comfortable computer like experience.


The NotePal S from Cooler Master is an adjustable aluminum kick-stand for your laptop. It features an attractive perforation at the back, for fresh air to enter your laptop from below cooling itís CPU, HDD and other heat generating components. Consequently, the laptop stand elevates the LCD portion of the laptop, effectively acting as a monitor riser. Here are some specifications taken directly from the Cooler Master website:

Cooler Master NotePal S - R9-NBS-PDAS-GP

12.60" x 11.81"




Aluminum and plastic


Supports all 12"-16" laptops as well as 17"

UPC Code


Cooler Master NotePal S
Click image for larger view
Cooler Master NotePal S
Click image for larger view

The Cooler Master NotePal S arrived in a handy little corrugated cardboard box. The box is dominantly white, with clear product illustrations and literature. A handy plastic carry handle is featured on top, making the unit ultra portable.

Cooler Master NotePal S
Click image for larger view
Cooler Master NotePal S
Click image for larger view

The package opens much like a motherboard box, conveniently giving you quick access to the goods inside. A triage of thick foam padding secures the sides, along with bubble wrap on the back, and foam paper surrounding the base of the unit. No literature comes with the NotePal S, and no assembly is required. My first impressions of the NotePal S are positive. The NotePal S has an attractive yet functional curvature. The feel is rugged and solid yet light-weight due to its construction.

Cooler Master NotePal S
Click image for larger view
Cooler Master NotePal S
Click image for larger view
Beyond the good looks, there is a very functional piece of durable rubber trim that stretches the front horizontally from end to end. This grips the laptop very effectively, without scratching or chaffing. Likewise, the same rubbery and tactile material is found towards the back of the unit, securing your laptop safely and securely to the NotePal S.

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