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CoolMax Green Power 1200 Watt Power Supply
Product:CoolMax Green Power 1200 Watt Power Supply
Date:December 4th, 2007
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A typical PC of current generation built with low-power dual-core CPU draws around 100 watts or less. In the past a single core computer can draw three times the power for half the performance of these new computers. As going 'Green' is growing popular among people, computers chips are being measured on 'performance per watt' to save the environment as well as the electric bill.

Top of the line performance computer processor chips such as the Intel quad-core XE QX6850 are exception to this growing trend. These processors would draw as much as 130 watts under full load while idling around 60 watts under no load. Considering that higher end of the main-stream desktop dual-core chips consume only 65 watts or less under full load these behemoth chips require a power-supply that can provide the necessary wattage without being put under stress.

On top of the power draw chain is the most powerful 3D graphics cards that can draw as much as 150 watts, and there can be more than one of these in a workstation computer to maximize the graphic power.

CoolMax CUQ-1200B power-supply is one of the few power-supply boxes capable of putting out hi-wattage required by the most high-end systems. As the name suggests it has total maximum output of 1200 watts. Not a lot of computer systems may require so much power as this but for a high-end system with dual-socket setup and dual-graphic cards this amount of power output would certainly be right on margin. The name Green Power comes from the fact that it is a Lead-Free RoHS compliant device, which minimizes the damage to the environment.

Physical Dimensions
CoolMax Green Power 1200 Watt Power Supply

CoolMax CUQ-1200B series power supply fits into standard ATX power supply fittings with 15cm width and 8.6cm height. However it has extended length at 22cm, about 9cm longer than a typical 350 watt power supply in main-stream computers. A longer ATX case is recommended for fitting in without rendering the upper 5.25 drive bays unusable to DVD drives.

Power Output Specifications
CoolMax Green Power 1200 Watt Power Supply

The +3.3V rail on the power supply for system board electronics and drives have 30 Amp maximum power output, which translates to 100 watts peak output. The +5V power rail has a peak of 30Amp output as well, coming to 150 watts maximum. Both the +5V and +3.3V are utilized by hard drives, removable disc drives, USB ports and so on.

The biggest power drawing components on a computer such as CPUs, Graphic Cards, and ventilation fans use the +12V rail from a power-supply. For this reason the CoolMax power-supply is equipped with four separate +12V rails and each of them can be dedicated for a particular component that requires large amount of current.

Two of the +12V rails have 20 Amp for 240 watts each and the other two have 25 Amp for 300 watts on each power rail. This would mean that the first two rails can power an over-clocked ATI Radeon 1900 XTX which can draw up to 130 watts per graphic card under full load and still leave plenty more room for flexibility. The latter +12V rails have additional 60 watts of power to satisfy any type of processors including the infamous AMD 4x4 (Twin-Socket Dual-Core Athlon64 X2) without having to stress the electrical components inside the power-supply.

The power-supply is listed to have at least 80% or more power efficiency under full load. Which is a good amount for a high-end power supply.


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