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Thermaltake Kandalf LCS Thermaltake Kandalf LCS Review - 08/14/07new!
Liquid-Cooled computers used to be DIY projects involving many hours of labor to patch up different cases and cooling components from various manufactures. ThermalTake LCS (Liquid-Cooled System) is designed to be an all-in-one approach to reduce head-ache and frustration during building a liquid-cooled system.
KWorld TVBox 1440 KWorld TVBox 1440 Review - 07/10/07
Today's technology trend is moving entertainment away from the living-room and into the bedroom. Computer games, news websites, music videos, TV shows, movies, and so on. Since just about everything has been integrated to the PC the only thing left is the video game console, and that is right around the corner. TV to PC converter devices lets the gamer play his favorite console directly on a PC monitor without having to buy a TV screen.
Thermaltake MozartTX Thermaltake MozartTX Review - 06/11/07
My first impression of MozartTX out of the box is 'Impressively... Large'. Standing 28" (720mm) tall there is no doubt that this beast of a case is made to attract the crowd. Unlike the many HTPC machines made these days to become smaller and smaller to blend in with other Home Theater equipment such as amplifiers and speakers, ThermalTake designed MozartTX so that it will impress whoever walks into the HT setup room and ask 'Is this a computer?'. That's certainly the reaction I saw all the time when I was building it up for this review.
ButtKicker Gamer ButtKicker Gamer Review - 04/11/07
The Guitammer Company makes low frequency sound products for theater, music, amusement, and of course personal computing settings. Based out of Westerville, Ohio, The ButtKicker® Shaker is used by Universal Studies, Warner Bros., the Backstreet Boys, Creed and Fuel, as well as home theater enthusiasts in more than 25 countries. Today we look at the Buttkicker Gamer.

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